Velocity Sensors suit in-line manufacturing processes.

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Laser Doppler Velocity (LDV) Sensor models P-20Z and P-50Z provide non-contact velocity measurement of moving or rotating objects. Velocity ranges are -50 to 5,000 mm/sec and -12 to 120 m/min. Systems employ 680 nm semiconductor-based lasers with dual convergent beams. Measuring 98 x 33 x 30 mm, sensors consist of signal processing unit and semiconductor laser-based miniaturized optical sensor. LDVs also measure liquid/fluid flow rates with ±0.2% detection precision.

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Two New No-Contact Laser Doppler Velocity Sensors from Canon U.S.A.

Lake Success, NY...The newest additions to Canon's Laser Doppler Velocity (LDV) Sensor line are the P-50Z and P-20Z systems. Both are ultra-compact, laser-powered devices that provide non-contact velocity measurements of moving or rotating objects in in-line manufacturing processes.

The new LDV systems enable manufacturers to accurately measure moving materials in production processes in preparation for cutting, dyeing, polishing, staining and numerous other finishing processes. Typical manufacturing processes include textiles and fabrics, paper, plastics, lumber, wire and cable, as well as steel and other metals. The new LDVs can also measure the flow rates of liquids and fluids. Due to their high detection precision [±0.2% and adaptability to specific processes, the LDV systems can offer significant savings in materials, run times associated with in-line manufacturing processes, as well as bottom line manufacturing costs.

The P-50Z features a velocity range of -50 to 5000 mm/sec making it ideal for high speed applications. The P-20Z features a velocity range of -12 to 120 m/min. and is ideally suited for more sensitive production processes, particularly those where greater velocity can cause breakage or damage to the product. Both systems employ a 680 nm semiconductor-based laser with dual convergent beams to measure moving and rotary bodies on materials with as low as 20% reflectivity. This ability provides unparalleled quality control.

The new Canon LDV Sensors consist of a signal processing unit and a semiconductor laser-based miniaturized optical sensor which houses the laser and measures only 98 (L) x 33 (W) x 30 (H) mm. Due to this minimized size, both systems are ideal for in-line manufacturing and production applications with major space restrictions.

Since the P-50Z and the P-20Z do not require any contact to measure the velocity of moving objects, there is no friction, far less impact on manufacturing process components and parts, and no interruption of manufacturing processes.

The Canon LDVs operate from a 120 VAC power supply of ±10%, in a temperature range of 0°C to 45°C and in relative humidity of 80% maximum.

For more information and application notes, contact Mr. Ron Travis, Canon U.S.A., Inc. Semiconductor Division, Encoder Products, One Canon Plaza, Lake Success, NY 11042 o Tel: (516) 328-4611 o Fax: (516) 328-4601 o e-mail: o website:

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