Vehicle Surveillance System offers high-definition solution.

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Incorporating 1,280 x 720 resolution HD video cameras with 16:9 aspect ratio, vehicle surveillance system enables law enforcement officers to monitor and identify vehicles involved in suspicious activity. Software employs advanced pattern recognition capabilities to identify license plate numbers on moving or stationary vehicles from various angles in daytime or at night. Database search and alert system can search for matching license plate records based on full or partial matches.

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CoVi Technologies Announces First Comprehensive High-Definition Vehicle Surveillance System

AUSTIN, Texas, May 8 -- CoVi Technologies today announced an advanced high-definition vehicle surveillance system for security and law- enforcement professionals specifically designed to help address the continued increase in vehicle-related incidents in the U.S.

Every 26 seconds a motor vehicle is stolen in the U.S. at a cost of more than $7 billion per year(1). In addition, homeland security and organized crime activities have intensified the need to monitor the more than 335,000 vehicles crossing U.S. borders each day(2), as well as to track drivers with potentially malicious intent entering potentially vulnerable private and public sites, including government buildings, power plants and universities.

Combining high-definition (HD) video cameras with advanced license plate recognition and vehicle forensics software, the CoVi solution provides a powerful new tool to monitor and identify vehicles involved in suspicious or criminal activity, and improve vehicle security in a variety of environments.

"Vehicle theft is not only a crime effecting individuals and businesses, it has worldwide consequences. An extreme example of the global ripple effects of this problem is a citing in a recent FBI counter terrorism report that vehicles used in deadly Iraq car bombings were likely stolen from the United States," said Barry Walker, CoVi's president and CEO. "Increasing vehicle surveillance challenges are requiring an entirely new level of technology flexibility, power and sophistication. And, as the stakes get higher the technology is evolving to meet the need. CoVi's HD vehicle surveillance solution provides an order of magnitude better image quality and vehicle identification capabilities compared with conventional systems, and provides a complete, easy-to-use solution to meet even the most stringent security needs and applications."

CoVi's vehicle surveillance solution is the first to include high-quality HD video technology, delivering twice the field of view and significantly sharper image quality than conventional analog surveillance cameras. HD technology enables more flexibility in camera placement and delivers superior video resolution to enhance license plate recognition capabilities. In addition, new CoVi software employs advanced pattern recognition capabilities to automatically identify license plate numbers on moving or stationary vehicles from various angles in the daytime or at night.

The CoVi vehicle surveillance system is ideal for any business or law enforcement agency that manages, monitors or enforces vehicles and traffic, including: border security, university campus environments, valet parking, toll booths, managed parking lots and garages, gas stations, corporate campuses, and city traffic enforcement.

The CoVi vehicle surveillance solution incorporates a database search and alert system, enabling security and law enforcement professionals to search for matching license plate records based on full or partial matches. It also automatically generates alarms and email alerts from user-defined license plate "watch lists", such as a stolen vehicle database, or active Amber Alert. In addition, the system includes robust vehicle forensics capabilities to monitor vehicle activity in parking garages, valet parking areas and fleet vehicle facilities to reduce damage claims and fraud from accidents, provide access verification, and enhance security.

CoVi's vehicle surveillance solution is designed for CoVi's flagship Crystal HD(TM) video surveillance system, the world's only high-definition, distributed IP-based video surveillance system.

Key features of the CoVi vehicle surveillance solution include:
o Superior image clarity -- CoVi's Crystal HD license plate reading
cameras capture HD resolution (1280 x 720) video and offer a wide 16:9
aspect ratio, providing up to 12 times higher-quality video resolution
than standard definition systems
o Robust plate finding and OCR algorithms -- Enables accurate license
plate reading on moving vehicles from various angles; infrared (IR)
technology enables reading in poor lighting conditions or at night;
advanced OCR algorithms automatically adjust for read errors and
obscured letters
o Advanced "Search & Watch Application" (SWAT) -- CoVi's SWAT
application enables database license plate searching for close/partial
matches, and allows security professions to set up "watch lists" that
automatically generate alarms when suspected vehicles are identified
o Robust retrieval and storage -- IP-based system allows security
professionals to quickly retrieve surveillance video from cameras
anywhere on the network, and can archive up to one million license
plate records with associated video
o Flexible -- CoVi's vehicle forensics application allows parking lot
security professionals to see up to four vehicle views simultaneously,
and features digital video zoom-in capabilities
o Scalable -- The CoVi system easily scales from one sensor/camera to an
unlimited number of sensors/cameras

Crystal HD is based on CoVi's Security Camera Area Network (SCAN(TM)) architecture, which encodes and stores video at the IP network edge to provide unparalleled performance and reliability. Crystal HD's unique distributed architecture is a dramatic departure from the legacy centralized CCTV topology, and maximizes quality and functionality while minimizing network usage. Crystal HD integrates cameras, Distributed Media Managers (DMMs) and monitoring and management software to provide unparalleled performance and reliability.

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CoVi Technologies builds complete video surveillance solutions that transcend the capabilities of today's CCTV products. Through the innovative application of High Definition (HD) video technologies, CoVi provides dramatically improved image quality and operational flexibility that delivers maximum protection of personnel and assets. CoVi is the only US based manufacturer to approach high definition video solutions from a total system perspective, including optics, image processing, IP networking and display technologies. The result: extraordinarily powerful solutions that meet the needs of today's world-wide security community. For more information visit .

(1) Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2005
(2) U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 2007

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