Vehicle Hand Wash System runs off any car or truck battery.

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Molded from UV-resistant polymers suitable for internal and external applications, 12 V Handiwash(TM) provides dual water hot and cold spigots with capacity of 2.2 gallons, which is about 10-15 normal hand washings. Hot water element thermostatically controls water temperature to 120°F. Supplied with vehicle mounting bracket, portable CSA Certified system can be mounted to any vertical surface that provides enough clearance.

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All Safety Products Inc Announces Distribution of New 12 Volt Vehicle Hand Wash Sink, Handiwash (TM) to USA

All Safety Products Inc has available for sale the new vehicle hand wash sink in the USA. The Kinetics Engineering Group in Australia manufactures the vehicle hand wash sink, known as Handiwash(TM) and it is distributed through with All Safety Products Inc in the USA.

The 12 Volt application means that the mobile hand wash system can easily run off any car or truck battery as the power source and utilize automotive fuses. The vehicle hand wash sink is fully portable and easy to install in any automobile, truck or van. The hot water element in the included heater thermostatically controls water temperature to 49 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit). The hand wash unit is molded from tough, UV resistant polymers suitable for internal and external applications. The dual water hot and cold spigots, this hand wash station allows quick and easy hand washing, with the waster water being caught in an optional water catch of 2.5 gallons if required.

The new mobile Handiwash(TM) is also CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Certified. The hand wash sink has an option to connect to a SEC 1223 DC Switching Power Supply Accessory with custom power leads that hook up to a 110v power outlet. The CSA Certification for the 12 Volt Handiwash(TM) does not pass along to the SEC 1223 unit when used with the Handiwash(TM) unit. The SEC 1223 unit is a separate accessory and is UL listed separately.

The mobile Handiwash(TM) has a capacity of 2.2 U.S. gallons, which is about 10 to 15 normal hand washings. A vehicle-mounting bracket is also included along with a 12-month warranty. With easy installation the Handiwash(TM) system can be easily mounted to any vertical surface that provides enough clearance.

The vehicle hand wash system is suited to agricultural, farming, utility companies (water, sewage, treatment facilities) and temporary commercial camp or tent sites. The president of All Safety Products Inc Inc, Craig Gunderson felt "this vehicle hand wash sink has great potential and use here in the USA. With so many companies using their vehicles for service and install purposes and still wanting staff to have the practical comfort or conform to mandatory health and safety requirements to be able to wash their hands."

To order or RFQ the vehicle hand wash sink, Handiwash(TM) and see specifications and ordering information is available at

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