VEE GEE Expands & Improves General Laboratory Glassware

Kirkland, WA, December 16, 2008 ­ Designed for heavy use in the laboratory, VEE GEE® general laboratory glassware is made of high-quality borosilicate tubing, the same material traditionally used to make volumetric glassware, for improved performance and optical clarity. Among beakers, BOD bottles, burets, Erlenmeyer flasks, filtering flasks, and separatory funnels, the VEE GEE® glassware line represents over thirty glassware items that meet strict ASTM specifications. VEE GEE Scientific offers its laboratory glassware at competitive prices through an international network of dealers.

The strict chemical composition of the borosilicate tubing and the ultrasonic cleaner the factory uses contribute to the apparent clarity and colorlessness of VEE GEE® glassware. Resistant to thermal shock, the glassware can be safely heated to 500°C and is highly resistant to chemicals, including chloride, bromine, iodine, organic matter, and most acids. VEE GEE® glassware has permanent, easy-to-read markings and uniform wall thickness for durability.

The VEE GEE line of glassware has continued to evolve over the last quarter century. In 2006, VEE GEE partnered with Glassco Laboratory Equipments in India to develop VEE GEE® glassware in accordance with strict ASTM specifications for tolerances, design, capacity & dimensions, and markings. "When I saw the first samples the factory sent, I was quite impressed," says Paul Wendling, Senior Product Developer at VEE GEE. "The glass is exceptionally clear and the screen printing is some of the best I've seen. Top notch product all the way around." The new factory is ISO 9001 certified and manufactures some of the finest glassware in the world.

Beyond improving its glassware, VEE GEE Scientific also expanded its selection by adding ten new sizes and BOD bottles. Brochures containing specifications and packaging information are available for VEE GEE® glassware.

Please contact VEE GEE Scientific to locate an authorized dealer of VEE GEE® glassware by emailing or calling 800.423.8842 to speak with a sales representative.

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