Vector Sports Training Ball offers visible point of contact.

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Vector® Sports Training Baseball discharges short burst of light which changes the color to red, green and blue. Unit is suitable for batting practice, pitching/throwing drills, blocking drills for catchers.

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Technology Company Eye On Ball® Announces the Vector® Sports Training Ball

Eye On Ball® is pleased to announce the Vector® baseball, a simple and intuitive training device that teaches athletes to do just what it says - to keep their “eye on the ball”.

After five years of product development and countless hours of watching young players get frustrated with multiple swings and misses and few solid hits, Eye On Ball® started with a very basic question: Is there a better way to improve hand-to-eye coordination and train athletes to keep their eye on the ball more consistently? We realized the solution had to be different, even innovative. Moreover, it should be simple to implement and fun for young players to repeat without getting bored.

The Vector® ball is the solution. But unlike a conventional baseball, the Vector® ball has one key difference: On contact, the Vector® emits a short burst of light, randomly changing the color of the ball (red, green, blue) with each impact to create a distinctly visible point of contact.

Thus, instead of coaches telling athletes to keep their “eye on the ball”, the athlete now tells the coach the color of impact - red, green, or blue. The Vector® ball not only registers visible contact between the ball and bat, but it also instinctively draws the players’ eyes to the point of impact. The visible impact gives ballplayers a tangible focal point that trains the eyes to follow the ball in order to better “See the impact®”.

The Vector® ball can be used interchangeably with other practice balls and can be incorporated into numerous training drills (e.g., batting practice, pitching/throwing drills, blocking drills for catchers, etc.).

With the successful launch of the Vector® baseball, Eye On Ball® plans to add other training devices to our product line including a Vector® training Softball, Vector® training Cricket, and Vector® training Golf.

Eye On Ball® is a technology and design company focused on creating innovative sports-training products for coaches and players. For more information contact John Lindsey, president and founder, at or 571.334.7972.

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