Variable Speed Air Compressors feature direct drive.

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Able to be configured as air-cooled or water-cooled, Models VST 110, VST 150, and VST 180 are rated at 150, 200, and 250 hp, respectively. Two-stage rotary screw compressors include variable-speed cooling fans, AirSmart controller, and operating sound levels that allow units to be placed anywhere. Units have no gears and can supply any pressure from 85-175 psig.

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Gardner Denver VST with AirSmart Control

Two-Stage Variable Speed Air Compressor

Quincy, IL (July 13, 2007) - Gardner Denver, Inc. (NYSE: GDI) VST 110 - 180

Gardner Denver has expanded its line of two-stage Variable Speed, VST series compressors. The new VST 110, VST 150, and VST 180 (150, 200, and 250 horsepower) rotary screw compressors are truly direct drive, variable speed compressors designed from the ground up. Each VST compressor can be configured as air-cooled or water-cooled.

Gardner Denver VST compressors offer these advantages over other two-stage compressors in the market:
o Variable speed control as standard - not optional
o Most energy efficient two-stage compressor on the market
o Superior AirSmart controller offers the most information and control
o Has the ability to supply any pressure from 85 to 175 psig in one package
o No gears
o Variable speed cooling fans to optimize cooling and energy efficiency
o Operating sound levels that allow the unit to be placed anywhere

Ask your local Gardner Denver distributor to show you the performance curves for the VST series compressors, and compare them to any other two-stage compressor available. You will clearly see why the Gardner Denver VST compressors will save you in energy costs, and quickly justify a purchase with a very short ROI.

As always, Gardner Denver two-stage variable speed rotary screw compressors are offered with the most extensive extended warranty available.

Gardner Denver Compressor Division, is a leading global manufacturer of rotary screw, reciprocating and PET air compressors, positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps, offers expertise in air system design, evaluations and maintenance with remote monitoring capabilities.

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