Variable Inclination Microscopes feature 23 mm optics system.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for inspection and assembly, VIP Series features ergonomically adjustable eyepieces and 186 mm working distance with 0.5X lens. Adjustable angle of inclination, 0-30° from horizontal, allows for individualized adjustability so each technician can maintain correct posture. When using 10X eyepiece and 0.5X lens, field of view range is 57.5-5.75. Constructed with heavy-duty aluminum housings, units rotate 360° in focus mounts and have optical magnification of 8-50X, or 4-25X with 0.5X lens.

Original Press Release:

Luxo's New Microscopes Incline, So Individual Users Are Not So Inclined

New Product: Variable Inclination Position Microscope (VIP)

Manufacturer: Luxo

Product Applications: Inspection and assembly

Product Description:

Luxo extends its industry-leading microscope line with a new series of Variable Inclination Position Microscopes (VIP). Luxo's new VIP series features an extended magnification range, 23mm optics system with a 186mm (7.32in.) working distance (with 0.5X lens, included) and ergonomically-designed adjustable eyepieces.

The adjustable angle of inclination, 0˚ - 30˚ from horizontal, allows for individualized adjustability so each technician can maintain a correct posture during use - neck straight, eyes forward.

When viewed through the eyepieces using a 10X eyepiece and 0.5X lens (both included), the field of view range is 57.5 - 5.75. An enhanced 186mm working distance not only provides additional space for operator maneuverability, but also decreases the chance that products may become damaged during inspection.

Construction and Finishes:

VIP microscopes have heavy-duty aluminum housings and come standard with 10X, 23mm widefield eyepieces and eyeshields. The microscopes rotate 360º in their focus mounts. Models have an optical magnification range of 8X - 50X (4X - 25X with the 0.5X lens). Zoom is adjusted via dual graduated control knobs located on the side of the head. VIP microscopes can be used with Luxo single boom stands or dual boom ball-bearing stands.

Ordering Information: Literature, specifications and pricing for the VIP microscope series is available from Luxo, Five Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, New York 10523. Telephone: (914) 345-0067. Fax: (914) 345-0068. Visit Luxo on the web at:

Luxo is a worldwide pioneer in multi-adjustable, spring-balanced task lights, illuminated magnifiers and microscope systems, since 1934.

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