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Variable Frequency Drive maintains constant pressure.

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Variable Frequency Drive maintains constant pressure.

Nov 21, 2007 - Suited for variable speed pumping applications, H2O Drive(TM) VFD is available from 5-150 hp at 200-230 V and 5-500 hp at 380-480 V. Integrated Advanced Pumping Software will read discharge pressure and adjust pump speed to maintain constant output pressure without need for PLC or separate controller. Supplied in NEMA 1 enclosure with pressure transducer, standard unit can be customized for specific requirements.

SJE Rhombus - Detroit Lakes, MN

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Maintain Constant Pressure with New H2O Drive(TM) VFD from SJE-RhombusĀ®

Press release date: Nov 09, 2007

SJE-RhombusĀ®, an industry leader in providing quality water and wastewater controls for municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential applications, introduces the H2O Drive(TM) Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

The H2O Drive(TM) VFD is the next generation solution for variable speed pumping applications. It has integrated Advanced Pumping Software which will read the discharge pressure and adjust the pump speed to maintain a constant output pressure without the need for a PLC or separate controller.

Considerable energy savings can be achieved with the H2O Drive(TM). When properly applied, the energy consumption of the electric motor can be reduced from 20% to 50% by automatically adjusting pump speed to correspond with lower demand conditions, reducing the demand for energy. This results in a reduction of the pump system Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

The H2O Drive(TM) is available from 5HP to 150HP @ 200-230V and 5HP to 500HP @ 380-480V. It can be set up for single or multiple pump operation. Typical applications include submersible deep well pumps, booster pumps, irrigation pumps, metering pumps, closed loop circulating systems, water towers, and heating/cooling systems.

The standard H2O Drive(TM) is supplied in a NEMA 1 enclosure with a pressure transducer, and can be customized for specific requirements, including outdoor rated enclosures, terminal blocks, door mounted VFD keypad, HOA switch, line and load reactors, dv/dt filters, IEEE-519 compliance, remote monitoring and control (SCADA) and more.

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