Vaporizer features fine droplet atomization.

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Designed to generate high-purity vapor from liquid precursors required for thin film deposition, Turbo-Vaporizer(TM) Model 2820 features precision liquid and gas mass flow control and low temperature vaporization. Multi-stage turbo-vaporizer with integral hot gas filtration generates vapor for delivery to process while maintaining integrity of liquid molecule. Applications include semiconductor films, chemical research, catalyst production, optical coatings, and fuel cells.

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Applications Include Precision Film Coatings for Demiconductors and Chemical Research.

Hatfield, Pennsylvania (December 15, 2006) - Emerson Process Management has introduced the Brooks® / MSP Model 2820 Turbo-Vaporizer(TM) System for fine droplet, Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) vaporization. This new model is designed to generate high purity vapor from liquid precursors required for thin film deposition, in applications including semiconductor films, chemical research, catalyst production, fiber optics, optical coatings, industrial coatings and fuel cells.

The new Brooks Model 2820 features fine droplet atomization, precision liquid and gas mass flow control and low temperature vaporization. An efficient multi-stage turbo-vaporizer with integral hot gas filtration generates vapor for delivery to the process while maintaining the integrity of the liquid molecule.

Stable and repeatable liquid flow measurement and control are key to consistent film formation. Precursor chemicals used for thin film deposition have thermodynamic properties that are usually not very well determined. To compensate for this, the Model 2820 uses a Brooks QUANTIM® mass flow controller for liquid precursor flow control. A Coriolis sensor at the heart of the device measures liquid mass flow directly with an accuracy that is independent of fluid properties. This is in contrast to other liquid flow sensor technologies which do not measure mass directly, but infer mass flow based on the measurement of another related fluid property. Errors in flow control can lead to measurable variations in film deposition rate and quality.

In addition to QUANTIM, a Brooks thermal gas mass flow controller is used to control the flow of carrier gas to the atomizer. The vaporizer works with a wide variety of carrier gases, including hydrogen, nitrogen, helium and argon.

The Model 2820 Turbo-Vaporizer is capable of multi-stream vaporization for applications requiring multi-component film deposition. An optional vaporizer control module is also available for stand-alone operation of the vaporizer in a research environment or where the vaporizer will be replacing a bubbler and the process controller is not set up for direct liquid injection.

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