Vapor Steam Cleaner is EPA compliant for retirement facilities.

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Along with Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™ (ATIS®) anti-microbial technology that kills over 99.99% of disease-spreading pathogens and bacteria, KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVP - ATIS offers water capture, dry vacuuming, and HEPA filtration. Commercial system, featuring wet vacuuming functionality, also captures allergens and creates temperatures as high as 364°F and pressure levels to 115 psi. Hot steam ejected acts as disinfectant and negates need to use chemicals.

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Daimer Unveils Vapor Steam Cleaner Meeting EPA-Compliance For Retirement Facilities

Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the globe's most reputed American brand of 700+ models of advanced machines targeting cleaning within residential, commercial, and industrial environments within over 240 countries, and offering such respected products as commercial steam cleaner equipment, variable temperature carpet steam cleaner systems, pressure controlled vapor steam cleaner machines, portable and stationary car wash machines, water damage restoration equipment, and other sophisticated products, is now shipping the KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVP - ATIS® for retirement communities and other facilities. The powerful machine is one of the industry's most powerful commercial steam machines, and creates temperatures as high as 364ºF and pressure levels up to 115 psi.

The model features Daimer®'s advanced anti-microbial technology that has a proven kill rate of up to 99.99+ percent of disease-spreading pathogens and bacteria. The launch of this machine is a giant step towards eliminating these bacteria and helping insurance companies save billions of dollars spent on medical treatments.

“Increasing rates of dementia and functional disabilities in elderly have precipitated a rise in the number of elderly moving into retirement facilities or other living facilities of a similar kind. Lower immunity, grouped living, and many health conditions form an ideal setting for spread of potentially deadly infections. Bacteria are present in different surfaces, such as furniture, floors, and more,” states Daimer Industries, Inc.® spokesperson, Matthew Baratta. “Daimer® is proud to announce the launch of the KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVP - ATIS®, an industrial steam cleaner certified by an independent laboratory to destroy harmful disease-causing bacteria. The is one of the absolute best steam cleaner machinesin which a retirement community can invest to help reduce the spread of infections.”

The KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVP - ATIS® extraction maximized steam cleaner features Daimer®'s Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™ (ATIS®) anti-microbial technology that can most deadly bacteria and pathogens. ATIS® and the HEPA Filtration, when combined together, can also help eliminate and extract most particulates, purifying indoor air.

Most bacteria can even withstand harsh chemicals. Cleaning experts recommend using powerful industrial steam cleaner machines that feature super-hot temperatures capable of destroying germs. Almost all of Daimer®'s steam cleaner equipment come with anti-bacterial features, HEPA Filtration technologies, and high temperatures to ensure the complete removal of most life-threatening bacteria.

Many people in retirement facilities contract severe infections, such as urinary problems and pneumonia. These infections generally spread through improper cleaning techniques and hygiene, and inadequate food safety. Therefore, the implementation and proper use of the best steam cleaner technology is important to help maintain good heath to all, including administration and staff.

Daimer®'s water capture feature, dry vacuuming function, and HEPA filtration technology available with the KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVP - ATIS® commercial steam cleaner not only eliminate deadly bacteria, but also capture allergens, such as pet hair, dust mites, bed bugs, pollen, and hair, from surfaces like furniture, upholstery, mattresses, and carpets. The system is also a highly effective grout steam cleaner.

The steam cleaner features wet vacuuming functionality and extract moisture effectively, ending the need to use towels. Other brands do not offer vacuums and none offer Daimer®'s sophisticated features. Their systems require users clean floors and many other surfaces with towels attached to specific tools, an inefficient and productivity-reducing method.

Due to high temperatures, the machine easily dissolves most deposits, such as tough food buildup, dirt, and more. The hot steam ejected by the 3000CVP steam cleaner acts as an disinfectant and ends the need to use harmful chemicals. Additionally, the continuous refill technology of the machine allows users to clean throughout the day, without the need to turn off the machine for refilling.

The company offers a variety of optional accessories with the enhanced portable steam cleaner machine including such items as vacuum hoses, nozzles, brushes, and more. Daimer® offers the lowest prices on the most popularly used brushes, namely small detail brushes composed of nylon, brass, and stainless bristles.

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To discover more about the KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVP - ATIS ®, contact Matthew Baratta at (888) 507-2220, or else visit the Daimer® website. The machines are exported globally to most nations.

About Daimer Industries, Inc.®:

Daimer Industries, Inc.® is a globally recognized supplier of feature-rich and powerful cleaning machines, such as high performance carpet steam cleaner machines, superior floor cleaning machines, industrial grade truck mount carpet cleaning equipment, sophisticated auto detailing systems, tri-mode pressure washers, and hundreds of other models including advanced, exclusive technologies for most applications.


Matthew Baratta, Daimer Industries, Inc.®

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