Vane Pumps and Motors serve high-pressure applications.

Press Release Summary:

Veljan T6/T7 single, double, and triple vane pumps provide efficiency and low noise suited for service in high-pressure applications. Flange mounted valves, including relief, unloading, and sequence valves, mount directly to pumps or manifolds to reduce number of required plumbing connections. Also available, M4 series vane motors come in C, D, and E frame sizes with range of torque sizes.

Original Press Release:

FluiDyne Carries A Massive Inventory of the Veljan Brand Vane Pumps and Motors!

FluiDyne, your fast and reliable source for genuine Veljan products, is now stocking T6/T7 single, double and triple vane pumps. Veljan pumps are the standard for high pressure applications due to their efficiency and extreme low noise.  FluiDyne offers flange mounted valves that mount directly to pumps or manifolds. Including: Relief, Unloading and Sequence valves. These space saving valves greatly reduce the number of plumbing connections required. We also carry the M4 series vane motors in the C, D and E frame sizes with a wide range of torque sizes.

FluiDyne supports the distributors providing local knowledge and assistance to fluid power customers! We offer competitive prices, superior quality, 18 month warranty, best in class customer service and are ISO certified. Give us a call today!

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