Valimo Wireless Delivers First End-to-End Mobile Signature Software Solution

HELSINKI, Finland, January 16 -- Valimo Wireless has completed delivery of the first mobile signature software platform as a one-stop solution for mobile network operators. Previous mobile signature implementations have required software from Valimo Wireless and other providers.

"Only Valimo products are used in our new end-to-end solution," says Mikko Virtanen, CTO at Valimo. "Mobile network operators are now guaranteed to receive the most complete set of features, the best cost-performance profile and the fastest possible implementations. Since we rely on open standards, Valimo's self-sustained approach offers a competitive advantage for both the mobile network operator and its customers."

In delivering the first end-to-end mobile signature solution, Valimo Wireless has filled all the gaps in its total software solution, including:

o Valimo Validator - MSSP to facilitate mobile identity services

o Valimo Messaging Server for secure end-to-end communications

o Valimo Registration Server to manage end-user credentials

o Valimo MSS software development kit to use the ETSI-specified MSS interface for sending signing requests to mobile phone subscribers

Valimo Wireless' delivery has completed the productization of its end-to-end mobile signature solution. Mobile phones can now easily authenticate users for access to corporate resources, Internet banks and other web-based services. In addition, the Valimo solution can be used to validate e-commerce transactions. Valimo's mobile signature products are currently in use in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Kuwait, with major new markets to be announced within the next month.

About Valimo

Helsinki-based Valimo Wireless delivers identity management and strong authentication software solutions in both mobile and fixed-line environments to its mobile operator and corporate customers.

Valimo's solutions are used by more than 40 European and Middle Eastern customers to date, assuring non-repudiation, high data security and high availability over most network infrastructures and end-user devices.

Valimo is growing strongly with offices in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Spain.

For more information, please visit, or at our exhibit at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona 12-15 February 2007.

Source: Valimo Wireless

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