Valimo Signs Partnership with Capgemini Italia for Offering Mobile Signature Services in Italy

HELSINKI, Finland, July 27 -- Valimo Wireless has signed a partnership where Capgemini Italia operates a Mobile Signature Service infrastructure for Italian banks and financial institutions to offer mobile signature services to their customers.

A mobile signature is the digital equivalent of a signature on a paper contract. It allows the mobile phone to become the pen necessary to sign for almost any e-service, like web banking, various documents to be filed with government agencies, and even entry to corporate intranets from outside of the office. Unlike other identification schemes for e-services, mobile signatures require no additional devices, software or password lists for the end-user.

Capgemini Italia will offer the mobile signature services as an Acquiring MSSP, thus enabling mobile signature roaming. Mobile signature service roaming allows mobile operators, financial institutions and government agencies to form a mesh of interoperable mobile signature services. This offers service providers greater market coverage for mobile identity-based services.

Capgemini Italia has taken a lead in the Italian market and established a hub for banks wanting to use mobile signatures for online banking and other banking services.

"The Italian market is now ready for the mobile operators to play their role as so-called Home MSSPs, thus enabling their mobile phone subscriber base to use mobile signatures across industry and different consumer services," says Fabio Cestola, Vice President, Security Solutions Division of Capgemini Italia.

The market for mobile identity management and strong authentication solutions is in a fast growth phase as governments and financial institutions are moving towards more secure and user-friendly mobile phone-based document signing and transaction validation. Valimo is the market leader in strong authentication and mobile signatures.

"Valimo's mobile identity concept is clearly emerging as one of the most promising service offerings to leverage the mobile operator's existing customer servicing and SIM logistic processes," continues Tapio Vailahti, CEO at Valimo. "And the beauty of it is that all existing phones will support the new services. Generating a digital signature for authenticating yourself or signing documents is as easy as sending a short message."

"The cooperation between Capgemini Italia and Valimo is a leading example of how an IT-service provider can build a market-critical momentum for mobile signature services, " explains Peter Ohman, Regional Manager at Valimo.

Valimo products are based upon the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standards for mobile signatures (ETSI MSS).

The Valimo solution has already been commercially deployed by over 40 customers around the world, including leading mobile operators in Finland, Kuwait, Slovenia and Turkey. The number of mobile subscribers with access to Valimo's mobile signatures is now over 58 million.

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Helsinki-based Valimo Wireless delivers identity management and strong authentication software solutions to mobile operators, corporate customers and financial institutions.
Valimo's solutions are used by more than 40 European and Middle Eastern customers to date, assuring non-repudiation, high data security and high availability for most network infrastructures and end-user devices. Valimo is growing strongly with offices in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Turkey.

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