Valenite Unveils Multiple Technologies at IMTS 2008

New products and services can help increase productivity by 20 percent or more

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., July 16, 2008 - Valenite LLC, a global manufacturer of cutting tools and tooling systems for the metalworking industry, will introduce several first-to-market innovations at its IMTS 2008 exhibit (booth # F2979) on September 8 - 13, 2008. This launch will specifically highlight exclusive carbide grades, milling, and high-production engines and components technologies to help customers streamline production operations, optimize cost savings and consolidate machining resources. These new products reinforce Valenite's commitment to continue its emphasis on research and development, and expand its growing list of product offerings.

"Valenite is focused on innovation, technology, and product designs and services that solve our customers' toughest machining challenges," said Pascal Monpetit, president of Valenite. "Our new 'Pillars of Progress' booth design supports this vision of growth and development. We're confident customers will be enthusiastic about our new metalcutting solutions and use our technical support team as expert resources."

In addition to current special and standard products available, the following new technologies will be on display:

o Valenite's revolutionary VP2003(TM) is a special carbide grade technology of powder preparation and sintering, providing a superior uniform micrograin structure. VP2003's submicron grade technology has improved thermal resistance that provides exceptional stability against thermal cracks and plastic deformation. The VP2003 offers versatility on difficult-to-machine workpiece materials including steels, stainless steels, heat-resistant super alloys, as well as aluminum and non-ferrous materials. This general-purpose milling grade also works exceptionally well in die-and-mold applications.

o Expanding Valenite's general purpose Penta family of five-sided, face milling cutters, the new V560(TM) heavy-duty, roughing face mill is now available. The .400" depth-of-cut capability lets customers machine under the tough outer layer of forged or cast workpieces, reducing insert wear compared to smaller inserts. The V560 offers a higher level of material removal rates while using less horsepower. The V560 can help increase production capacity and uses the full potential of machine tools when performing heavy roughing, particularly with difficult-to-machine forgings and castings. The unique, trouble-free, insert-indexing design of the cutter means more machine uptime.

o VForce(TM) with SideLok(TM) high-performance milling cutter has a direct-insert clamping design ideal for high insert density machining that increases metal removal rates, provides for quicker indexing and reduces spare parts inventory. Versatile with diameters from 3" to 10" (80mm to 250mm), VForce with SideLok provides more cutting teeth per revolution, and increases feed and material removal rates of up to three times faster than tools with traditional insert-clamping systems. In addition, by incorporating three of Valenite's new carbide grades and expanded top-form geometries, the machining applications for VForce include a wide range of materials and are especially adept with cast iron and difficult-to-machine compacted graphite iron (CGI) material.

o Valenite's comprehensive steel turning system is expanding with two new grades featuring advanced substrate and coating technologies broadening the application range in the traditional P15 and P25 machining application areas. The extended application range of the new grades offers the potential to consolidate to a single grade where multiple grades were traditionally required. The technology decreases changeout times, increases tool life and optimizes productivity.

o VFlash(TM) high-velocity milling cutter for the high-speed machining of aluminum and non-ferrous alloy materials was developed for quick and accurate indexing, as well as achieving operating speeds up to 20,000 SFM - rates for optimal utilization of tipped polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts are also available for cast iron and hardened-steel finishing. Featuring a new serrated, pocket design and direct-mount, insert-clamping system, VFlash offers operators' easy tool set up, a reduction of premature tool wear thus minimizing unnecessary tool changes, and provides higher metal removal rates and improved surface finishes.

o VP8515(TM) and V8525(TM) stainless inserts are designed specifically for elevated demands of stainless steel machining. Both are engineered for high-speed, high-productivity turning operations for finishing and semi-finishing stainless steels and other heat-resistant alloys. The introduction of these turning grades permit users to better match machining operation and workpiece materials with tooling inserts for optimal production efficiencies, quality and economies.

o Valenite expands its line of cutting and grinding fluids, cleaners, specialty fluids, additives and accessories with six new products. Valenite is the only cutting tool manufacturer to offer cutting fluids to maximize any type of metal removal application. The fluids (including a semi-synthetic and a full synthetic cutting fluid, a new cleaning agent, a special-purpose solution and two coolant additives) allow users to focus on coolant formulations and performance characteristics to specific application challenges.

o The V420(TM) ball-nose endmill with SideLok, Valenite's unique, three-insert, indexable, profiling milling cutter reduces machining time up to 33 percent. The V420 utilizes the SideLok direct insert clamping design to securely mount inserts into this three-effective, ball-nose cutter for increased feed and metal removal rates in both finishing and semi-finishing operations. The V420 is available on a variety of shanks with metric dimensions and is a unique addition to Valenite's comprehensive die-and-mold product offering.

o Valenite expanded its face-grooving toolholders and introduced new inserts for use with stainless and high-temperature alloys. The grooving products provide the capability to perform multiple operations including profiling, turning and facing, in addition to precision grooves and undercuts. Fewer components are used thereby reducing tooling inventory and costs, as well as showing an increase in performance and tool life particularly with difficult-to-machine operations. The new inserts improve tool life, specifically in difficult-to-machine stainless steel operations.

o Valenite's ProGrip(TM) offers an expanded range of standard toolholders, introduces deep pocket toolholders for ceramics, as well as ISO seven degree and 11 degree screwdown boring bars. ProGrip toolholders offer clamping security, fewer spare parts, easier indexing, high versatility with interchangeable clamps and shims to accommodate carbide, ceramic, PCD and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) inserts. The toolholders are easy to maintain - even in dirty environments.

Valenite's Engines and Components division has added three new technologies to its comprehensive line of high-production manufacturing tooling solutions:

o The Air Actuated Cylinder Bore(TM) (AACB) demonstrates a CNC-based "gage and compensate" concept that is designed to maximize tool life, enhance part quality, and eliminate the need for manual adjustments and the error potential with operator-made compensations. Valenite worked closely with our machine builder customers to bring this practical system to the market first. The concept uses shop air (as little as 4-5 bar) to create motion in the tool that eliminates tool drag-out marks on finished bores, is repeatable to within 1 µ and allows for precision adjustments of the tool point (5 µ increments) to compensate for insert wear. Not only will it maximize tool life, the concept facilitates part processing that can reduce the number of machines required to meet targeted productivity objectives. Air (or coolant) actuated tools are ideal for reducing cost-per-part, are scalable for most diameters, and can be applied to virtually any boring application where precision, tight tolerances, cylindricity and repeatability are essential.

o The "clicker" construction line-boring bar is a cost-effective, adjustment concept for precision boring that provides easy, accurate and fast adjustments in even the most difficult environments. A traditional V-gage is not required at the machine to make adjustments for wear. The clicker concept provides the capability for as little as seven microns adjustment per click (diameter) over a range of 140 microns total adjustment with increased speed and productivity.

o Valenite's blade construction valve seat tools incorporate the latest technologies for high-production plunging of valve seats. The concept delivers superior quality valve seats, and the full top version of the CBN blades additionally minimizes cost-per-part with up to 20 regrinds. The system also utilizes the minimum number of components for easy use and set up.

In conjunction with its expanded product offerings, Valenite offers support programs to ensure customers maximize productivity and effectively use cutting tool resources.

o The 20Plus Challenge(TM) is Valenite's proprietary program that guarantees an increase in machining productivity by 20 percent or more, regardless of their manufacturing problem or application. Customers can log onto to complete the 20Plus Challenge form for submission and a Valenite sales engineer or authorized distributor will contact the customer for an appointment within 48 hours.

o The ValPro Team - with a 100-percent success rate - offers proven solutions to pricing pressures and stretched resources. Their capabilities include cutting tool and up-time optimization, cutting tool rationalization and consolidation, process engineering, training and education, and program implementation.

Founded in 1943, Valenite, LLC ( is one of the largest suppliers of industrial cutting tools offering dedicated technical support and flexible solutions for its broad range of standard and special indexable inserts. Valenite designs and manufactures technologically robust turning, grooving, threading, parting and milling applications, as well as advanced materials and engineered solutions for high-production, custom-machining systems. As a partner to metal cutting customers worldwide, Valenite solves critical industry issues with its manufacturing expertise and customized applications. With headquarters in Madison Heights, Mich., Valenite serves its direct customers and distributor partners globally.

High-resolution photographs on select products available on request.

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