Valcor Aircraft V9600 Solenoid Valve

Valcor Aircraft's 9600 series are 2-way and 3-way pilot operated, modulating control valves featuring a proportional actuator assembly. They utilize Valcor's series 9500 actuator as the pilot control element to modulate the opening and closing of the valve's main flow orifice. With the variable control orifice closed, the pressure Pc in the control cavity is equal to Pi. Since the diaphragm area balances the main orifice with a current control signal to the actuator causes the pressure Pc to vary and accordingly causes the main poppet to move against the biasing spring in a proportional modulating manner.

The actual curves in this flow graph depend on pressure differential, ambient temperature, etc. Since there are several variables, the numbers will not be 100% accurate. For actual ratings relative to specific applications, contact the factory.


Proportional actuator assembly

Proportional linearity

Moisture, vibration and shock resistant coils

Application of V9600 Solenoid Valves

Valcor's series 9600 valves have several different applications in many different areas. These valves are applicable to liquid and gas systems requiring flow modulation in response to a milliamp signal generated from a pressure reducer or thermocouple. They are used on aircraft fueling systems where fuel is utilized to cool hydraulic fluids. They can also be used to control fluid for environmental control systems and to cool electronic packages.

Valcor has an outstanding reputation for on-time delivery, excellent quality, and innovative solutions to difficult fluid control problems, with unequaled responsiveness. We have received performance recognition awards from numerous customers for our commitment to their programs. Valcor Aircraft is a custom designer/manufacturer of precision fluid controls, as well as aircraft accumulators for Aerospace applications. Our products are designed for demanding environmental conditions, as well as high performance (low weight and size, high pressure and flow, low leakage, etc).

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