Vacuum Transmitter Plotting Software - DigiVac Plot Software

DigiVac has an innovative Plot software gives you a virtual Digivac Instrument reading on your PC. The Digivac Plot software gives you a virtual DigiVac instrument reading on your PC complete with plot and print features. This software runs on XP, and requires an rs232 serial port or ethernet equipped vacuum instrument. It is intended for the person that needs to monitor a process and may find it convenient to be elsewhere looking at the vacuum reading, like in front of their PC or laptop. Further, once the data is acquired, scales can be adjusted to get a better perspective of your data. Additionally the data can be saved to a file and later recalled for further analysis. The software allows you to print different intervals of data points. The software communicates with the instrument either through a standard RS232 port or through Ethernet if the gauge is so equipped (like the Model 200 Ethernet). This software represents the basis of much of our custom software offering. If you are looking for a specific software or data logging feature, please email or call your specific requirement.

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