Vacuum Pump promotes material handling efficiency.

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Able to optimize and enhance automated product handling processes in secondary manufacturing in packaging line of consumer goods, P5010 features COAX® 3-stage cartridge technology, 2 base pumps, and aluminum interfaces. Modular design minimizes changeover time while promoting customization and optimization opportunities for vacuum performance, function, and interface. Optional air-saving function minimizes compressed air usage in handling of non-porous products.

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PIAB's Energy-Efficient P5010 Vacuum Pump Improves Material Handling in the Manufacturing and Packaging of Consumer Goods

Taby, Sweden - 9 November 2008--PIAB, a global leader in industrial vacuum technology, presents its P5010 vacuum pump for optimizing and enhancing handling processes in the secondary manufacturing in the packaging line of consumer goods. Featuring patented COAX® cartridge technology and designed for automated product handling applications, the P5010 pump gives the highest possible vacuum performance in relation to energy consumption, helping to reduce carbon footprint and improve conservation efforts.

The modular P5010 design guarantees shorter changeover time and provides opportunities to customize and optimize vacuum performance, function and interface. Featuring two base pumps and strong aluminum interfaces, the P5010 is highly energy-efficient, lightweight, robust and reliable.

"Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are often difficult to handle due to various shapes and porous packaging materials, which can allow vacuum leakage between the suction and product surface. This leakage can lead to dropped products, line stoppages and reduced efficiency," said Josef Ramslov, Business Unit Manager for Consumer Goods Industry at PIAB. "The three-stage cartridges inside the P5010 pump create more initial vacuum flow, which translate into a faster response and more reliable product handling in leaking and high-speed applications."

To further reduce energy consumption, the P5010 series can be equipped with an optional air-saving (ES) function to minimize compressed air usage in the handling of non-porous products, such as metal bumpers, glass and plastic sheet, common in the automotive and plastic industries. Further, a control unit (CU) with valves for on/off and blow-off activation caters to the needs of packaging and printing companies that handle porous products, such as paper and corrugated cardboard. The LED status indicators on the control unit enable monitoring of the pump from a distance for remote control, reduced downtime and easier troubleshooting. These two options can also be combined with a digital display (an additional Automated Vacuum Management AVM(TM)2) to further reduce the risk of personnel injuries and unnecessary scrap.

The P5010 pump's design features a unique "push-in principle" to facilitate its insertion and removal, saving time and money during service. The assembly of the cartridge inside the pump does not require screws or hardware; users simply push it in to the manifold for convenient initial installation and removal for cleaning and maintenance. Installation of the P5010 is further simplified with several mounting options, including the industry standard DIN rail mount, and robust mounting rail for different pump modules.

About PIAB
Established in 1951, PIAB designs innovative solutions that improve the productivity and working environment of vacuum users around the world. PIAB manufacturers a complete line of vacuum pumps, vacuum accessories, vacuum conveyors and suction cups for a variety of automated material handling and factory automation processes. PIAB utilizes COAX®, the next dimension in vacuum technology, in many of its original products and solutions. COAX® is an advanced technology for creating vacuum with compressed air. COAX® cartridges are smaller, more efficient and more reliable than conventional ejectors, and can be integrated directly into machinery. This allows for the design of a flexible, modular vacuum system.

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