Vacuum Cups combine elasticity and wear-resistance.

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Flat suction cups with cleats and bellows suction cups with 1.5 folds are made of Tepuflex polyurethane mixture, which exhibits elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of plastic. FDA-compliant material also delivers process stability, has Shore hardness rating of 50°, and can be used in temperatures from 0 to +70°C. Suited for use in packaging industry, vacuum cups help minimize cycle times via rapid resetting and exhibit level of static friction that produces optimal grip.

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Tepuflex Material Makes Vacuum Cups Extremely Wear-Resistant

A new material that merges the benefits of rubber and plastic

FIPA GmbH of southern Germany has developed vacuum cups made of Tepuflex especially for use in the packaging industry. This new material is a polyurethane mixture that exhibits both the elasticity of rubber and the wear resistance of plastic. Thanks to these properties, vacuum cups made of Tepuflex deliver high process stability, high wear resistance, and high overall performance. Of course, these characteristics are highly sought-after for modern vacuum technology used in the packaging industry.

In addition to elasticity and wear resistance, Tepuflex also exhibits excellent mechanical characteristics. It has a Shore hardness rating of 50° and can be used at temperatures of between 0 and 70 °C.

Vacuum suction cups made of Tepuflex have four valuable benefits:

Rapid resetting enables very short cycle times.
High wear resistance results in long maintenance intervals.
The material's high static friction produces a good grip.
Tepuflex is FDA-compliant.

While working with Tepuflex, FIPA developers focused consistently on how the products would be used on a daily basis. As a result, the new vacuum suction cups are available in flat and bellows versions. Flat suction cups with cleats are very well suited for use with the flat surfaces of a work piece. Flat suction cups exhibit such high lateral stability that even swiveling of the work piece is no problem. Cleats prevent sucking in of flexible parts and increase the vacuum cup's holding force even more. Flat suction cups are available in five different diameters so they fit precisely in any situation.

By contrast, bellows suction cups made of Tepuflex use 1.5 folds to effectively balance out any irregularities and height differences on the work pieces. They are also available in five different diameters. A suitable selection of accessories is available for the new Tepuflex vacuum cups. As a systems provider, FIPA GmbH provides all peripheral hardware for vacuum generation and control.

Sabine Heuser
Head of Marketing

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