Vacuum Chuck Kits come in multiple pallet configurations.

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Modular Vac-Vise Vacuum Chucks Kits allow flexible prototyping for CNC vacuum workholding and fixturing without need of any custom vacuum chuck or set up.
Offering pallet size of 8 x 12 in., single chuck system suits smaller workholding applications, while 2-pallet kit offers combined pallet size of either 16 x 12 or 8 x 24 in. Three Pallet kit produces total pallet size of either 8 x 36 or 24 x 12 in., and 4-pallet kit achieves pallet workholding area of 16 x 24 in.

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Vac-Vise Modular Vacuum Chuck System Is Now Available in Multiple Pallet Configurations.

2L Vac-Vise Vacuum Chucks Kits Allow Flexible Prototyping for CNC Vacuum Workholding and Fixturing.

Thursday, June 7, 2007 12:00pm EST

Hudson, Massachusetts - 2L inc. announced today that it is now offering its' modular, Vac-Vise Vacuum Chuck Systems in preconfigured Multiple Pallet Vacuum Chuck Kits to accommodate many size workpieces.

The patent pending 2L Vac-Vise Vacuum Chuck Workholding System is now available in four preconfigured multiple pallet kits. These quick to order kits take advantage of the building block, modular concept of the 2L Vac-Vise Vacuum Chuck, to easily create the size Vacuum Chuck needed per job, without the need of a custom vacuum chuck or set up.

"We are very excited to offer such a simple and unique ordering system for our Vac-Vise Vacuum Chuck System" noted the company spokesman. "The building block aspect of our Vac-Vise Vacuum Chucks is a concept not offered anywhere in the industry." Added the spokesman, "The flexibility of combining our vacuum chuck pallets with the ease of ordering in multiple pallet kits is a significant solution to customers needing dynamic and cost effective workholding systems."

The Vac-Vise Vacuum Chuck is a modular vacuum chuck that allows the machining and marking of workpieces quickly without spending excessive time or money on custom size vacuum chucks, or custom workholding fixtures.

A single Vac-Vise Vacuum Chuck can be used, or several chucks can be combined to create a larger or custom shaped vacuum workspace area with minimal effort. In addition, machinists can create easy repeatable procedures for machining and marking. Each location on the Vac-Vise Vacuum Chuck is numbered and easily identified across multiple pallets. This allows for fast and easy set up and consistent positioning of workpieces when used in high production machining.

Four Vacuum Chuck Pallet Kits are now available.

o Single Vac-Vise Vacuum Chuck System: can be used for smaller workholding applications and offers a pallet size of 8" W x 12" L.
o Two Pallet Vac-Vise Kit: offers a combined pallet size of either 16" W x 12" L, or 8" W x 24" L.
o Three Pallet Vac-Vise Kit: produces a total pallet size of either 8" W x 36" L or 24" W x 12" L.
o Four Pallet Vac-Vise Kit: achieves a larger pallet workholding area with a vacuum pallet area of 16" W x 24" L.

Each of the Multiple-Pallet Vac-Vise Kits can be broken down or added to, for additional size layouts. Each Vac-Vise Pallet can be used as an individual Vacuum Chuck, configured in a variety of layouts for additional flexibility of workspace, or additional pallets can be added to further increase the vacuum workholding area.

The versatility of the Vac-Vise is increased when used in conjunction with 2L's patent pending Adjustable Hex Workstops and Edge Clamps. Their unique design provides the ability to hold challenging workpiece sizes and shapes, including thin or small parts, corners, and odd shaped parts that are typically difficult to hold. Their low profile design allows for optimal tool clearance and protection.

When using the Vac-Vise Vacuum Chucks, the vacuum is easily created by using the 2L Oilless Electric Portable Vacuum Pump, or a 2L Venturi Vacuum and a standard shop air compressor. Use of the Vac-Vise and Electric Vacuum pump is ideal for high production, as it offers maximum flexibility and the portability of the pump allows for minimal impact of noise in the plant. The Vac-Vise and Venturi Vacuum are ideal for use in short runs where a dedicated vacuum pump is not necessary.

The Vac-Vise Vacuum Chuck Kits, Oilless Electric Vacuum Pumps, and all additional vacuum accessories are in stock and ready to ship.

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2L inc. , 4 Kane Industrial Drive, P.O. Box 105, Hudson, MA 01749, (978)567-8867,

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