Vacuum Cartridge Inserts save space and weight.

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Single-stage venturi vacuum cartridge inserts, offered in 13 models, are installed into cavities within pieces of equipment to eliminate need for pumps. Products consist of interchangeable nozzles and diffusers that optimize equipment performance based on desired vacuum level, vacuum flow, evacuation speed, and air consumption. Color-coded cartridges are made of anodized aluminum and operate from 1-80 psi with vacuum levels from 0-28 in. Hg.

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Save Space and Increase Production Speed With Vacuum Cartridge Inserts

Vaccon Company, Inc. of Medfield, Massachusetts introduces 13 new single-stage venturi vacuum cartridge inserts specifically designed for incorporation into OEM products to become a proprietary and unrecognizable component of their product. Inserting a Vaccon venturi cartridge into a cavity within a piece of equipment eliminates the need for a pump, saving space and reducing weight, which increases production speed. Vaccon venturi cartridge inserts are ideal for flexible manufacturing environments including miniaturizing end of arm tooling for pick and place applications, integrating into blood or gas analysis machines for bio-medical applications, or vessel evacuation for process control industries.

Vacuum cartridge inserts are a combination of interchangeable nozzles and diffusers that enable designers to optimize equipment performance based on desired vacuum level, vacuum flow, evacuation speed and air consumption. If the product being handled changes in size, porosity or weight, the existing equipment can be refitted with a different cartridge insert by swapping the entire cartridge, or just the nozzle or diffuser. Changing cartridge inserts can be performed in a matter of seconds, in the field, with minimal downtime.

For easy visual identification, the cartridges are color-coded based on performance characteristics and measure approximately 2¼"L x 0.4"OD. Standard cartridges are made of anodized aluminum, and operate from 1 to 80 PSI with vacuum levels from 0 to 28"Hg.

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