Vaccon Introduces Next Generation Vacuum Switches

New Electronic Vacuum Switches Feature Better Performance and Economy

Medway, MA-Vaccon Company Inc. announces the introduction of a new series of electronic vacuum switches and sensors that represent the next generation of vacuum switch and sensor technology. Designed specifically to meet the needs of applications like Robotics, Pick-And-Place, Material Handling, Vacuum Monitoring, and Leak Testing, Vaccon's VDM, VDS, VDX, and VXX Series Vacuum Switches and Sensors feature compact design, multi-colored / multi-unit displays, two switch outputs, and analog outputs and include 1M leads terminated with M8 or M12 quick disconnects for ease of installation.

Vaccon's VDM Series Electronic Vacuum Switches and Sensors with Digital Display are low cost, compact, all-in-one output devices and digital gauges designed to provide system engineers with a multi-colored, multi-section display of system vacuum as well as set points in real time. Set point display changes color from red to green when a set point is reached. If two set points are used, each can be displayed by toggling back and forth using a single push button. VDM Series Electronic Vacuum Switches and Sensors also indicate when either set point is reached and an output is activated. Available accessory options for the VDM Series Switches and Sensors include mounting bracket kits for rear, bottom, and panel mounting, and a 5-meter cord set with M8, 4-pin female connector. List price for VDM Series Electronic Vacuum Switches and Sensors is $105.25.

Vaccon's VDS Series feature a compact all-in-one output device and digital gauge design, enabling customers to reduce the number of components in their systems. The new VDS Series Switches and Sensors feature two switch outputs and one analog output, making it possible to monitor the high and low limits for vacuum control and system conditions. These switches and sensors are fully programmable, have full 3 digit displays, choice of switched outputs, and will display in Hg, mmHg, PSI, bar, mbar, gf/cm sq, kgf/cm sq, and kPa. VDS Series' analog output feature allows software control over the entire vacuum and pressure range, with the ability to track vacuum/pressure changes in real time. VDS Series Switches and Sensors are highly flexible because of their selectable output functions, such as switching point hysteresis and window comparator. Available Accessory Options for the VDS Series Switches and Sensors include mounting bracket kits for rear, bottom, and panel mounting, and a 5-meter cord set with M12, 5-pin female connector. List Price for the new VDS Series Switches and Sensors is $135.50.

Vaccon's VXX Series Switches are miniature electronic vacuum switches easily mounted directly to a wide variety of Vaccon and non-Vaccon vacuum pumps. Compact and lightweight, VXX Series Switches are ideal for use in robotics, end-of-arm end effectors, and manifold systems. The VXX Series Electronic Vacuum Switches feature a field-adjustable set point for the full vacuum range and independent hysteresis adjustment, a bright LED display for visual confirmation of readings, and an M8, 3-pin Quick Disconnect on a 1M lead wire for added economy. VXX Series Vacuum Switches provide users with a choice of output (NPN, PNP), choice of vacuum port (1/8" NPT, G 1/8, and M5), and an optional 5M lead wire cord set with M8, 3-pin female connector.

Vaccon's VDX Series Switches are an excellent choice for use in vacuum control, pick-and-place, and robotics systems. All VDX Series models have two switch outputs, so users working with pick-and-place or robotic material handling systems can use the first switch for part present so the robot or tooling can move, and the second switch to signal the working vacuum level has been achieved. Featuring a full 3-digit display, globally accepted display scales, and the ability to be mounted directly onto a wide variety of vacuum pump brands and models, VDX Series Switches are compact all-in-one units enabling users to reduce the number of components in their systems. VDX Series models are fully programmable providing simple push button calibration and include an M8, 4-pin Quick Disconnect with 1M lead wire for added economy. Available options for the VDX Series include NPN or PNP output, and choice of 1/8" NPT, G 1/8, or M5 vacuum ports, and additionally, an M8, 4-pin female Quick Disconnect with 5M lead wire.

Vaccon Company Inc., founded in 1972, is the leading U.S. manufacturer of air powered venturi vacuum pumps. Vaccon supplies the robotics, packaging, manufacturing and process industries with reliable vacuum products characterized by efficient operation, rugged construction and low cost. The Vaccon vacuum pump product line includes Modular Venturi, Dirt Tolerant and Material Conveying Pumps, Silencers, Blowers, Check Valves, Vacuum Cups and Switches, End-of-Arm Tooling components and more. No matter what the size of the order, Vaccon will modify any standard product or provide a custom design if an off-the-shelf product does not meet your requirements.

For More Information: Vaccon Company, Inc., 9 Industrial Park Road, Medway, MA 02053, Contact: Pat Kellogg, Telephone: (508) 359-7200, Fax: (508) 359-0177, Email:, Website:

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