UVC Emitter keeps ducts clean.

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X-Mount UVC Emitter(TM) provides continuous, non-chemical cleaning of ducts and other HVAC surfaces. Ultraviolet device come in 5 tube lengths: 16, 20, 24, 30, and 36 in., to fit most applications. Unit is installed by making 1 in. penetration into duct wall and running light across width of duct. UVC energy rapidly cooks off mold and other microbes within 10 ft line-of-sight, leaving ductwork free of organic buildup.

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Expanded Line of "UVC Emitters(TM) Offers Non-Chemical Method for Keeping Ducts Clean

Cerritos, Calif., August 2002 - Steril-Aire, Inc. has introduced an expanded line of "X-Mount UVC Emitters(TM)" designed to provide continuous, non-chemical cleaning of ducts and other HVAC surfaces. The patented ultraviolet ("UVC") devices now come in five tube, lengths (16", 20", 24", 30" and 36") to fit most ductwork applications. Given the growing concerns surrounding the use of disinfectants and other chemicals for duct cleaning, the UVC devices provide an effective, non-polluting and permanent alternative for keeping these surfaces cleansed of mold and microbial contamination.

The X-Mount UVC Emitter is easily installed by making a one-inch penetration into the duct wall and running the light across the width of the duct. Only the lamp or tube penetrates into the ductwork, while the power supply remains external, ensuring minimum intrusion into the ducted system. The UVC energy will rapidly "cook off" mold and other microbes within a 10-ft. line-of-sight range - leaving ductwork free of organic buildup, with no other surface cleaning necessary.

Steril-Aire recommends that UVC lights also be placed at the cooling coil, where mold typically originates before migrating downstream and settling in ducts. By eliminating mold at its source, any contamination that has already built up on duct surfaces will eventually decay away. Steril-Aire offers UVC devices in several sizes and configurations for application at the coil.

Used to keep coils and ductwork clean, UVC Emitters provide an essentially permanent fix: The only required maintenance is to change the bulbs about once a year, or when a radiometer indicates that the output has dropped below specified levels. Buildings employing UVC technology report going for years without cleaning coils, drain pans and plenums. As a result, service crews and building occupants are no longer exposed to the questionable cleaning agents associated with these tasks. Also, when coils stay constantly clean, the resulting increase in net cooling capacity can yield substantial energy savings.

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