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UV Inspection Light facilitates bathroom inspections.

Press Release Summary:

Apr 03, 2013 - Using UV LED, WorkStar® 224 UV penlight (MXN00224) produces 240+ mW in 395–400 nm wavelength range to facilitate detection of urine and other bodily fluid stains in bathrooms of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions. T6 aluminum body has Type II violet anodizing, and water resistant design has threaded joints with rubber O-ring seals. Offering ON/OFF operation and momentary action position, inspection tool features sealed tailcap switch rated at 100,000 cycles.

Original Press Release

New Technology Leads to Performance Breakthrough in Bathroom Inspection Tools

Press release date: Mar 26, 2013

Confirmed bathroom cleanliness has become a critical issue in the hospitality industry, and a Cleveland tool manufacturer has developed a new inspection tool that is effective, rugged and easy-to-use.

Cleveland, Ohio. Maxxeon Inc., a company that designs and manufactures high tech lighting tools for technicians, has announced that hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other institutions can now inspect facilities simply and easily using their WorkStar 224 UV penlight. According to the manufacturer, prospective buyers of this tool should not be misled by the compact size and light weight of the tool. This high output inspection tool uses a state-of-the-art ultraviolet LED and produces over 240mW in the wavelength range of 395 to 400 nm, ensuring quick and easy detection of urine and other bodily fluid stains. The company recommends this ultraviolet inspection light for the following applications:
• Hotel – motel bacteria detection
• Restroom cleanliness inspection
• Dog, cat & rodent urine stain detection
• Currency verification
• Scorpion hunting

Ultraviolet light output has recently been more than doubled, making it an excellent value for the price. The company also notes that this inspection tool is ideal for use by automotive and HVAC technicians in locating UV dye leaks in air conditioning systems. Features include:
• High output - Up to 10 times as much ultraviolet light as other penlights
• Accessible - clips easily and comfortably into any pocket - always at the ready
• Rugged - T6 aluminum body has Type II violet anodizing
• Ergonomics – Light in weight, knurled surfaces provide good grip
• Water resistant - Threaded joints have rubber O-ring seals
• Reliable - Tailcap switch is rated at 100,000 cycles and is sealed to avoid contamination
• Versatile - Switch has the standard ON/OFF operation, plus a handy momentary action position

This UV inspection light will be available April 1, 2013. The product number is MXN00224, the MSLP is $39.95 and it is available through industrial and janitorial-sanitation supply distributors in the United States and Canada. More information about this product is available at

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