UV-Enhanced Silicon Photodiodes are used for low-light-level detection.

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UV-Enhanced Planar Diffused Silicon Photodiodes are available in UVD planar diffused and UVE planar diffused IR suppressed models. Units are offered in various sizes and footprints and in metal or ceramic packages. Products are suitable for medical instrumentation, pollution monitoring, spectroscopy, fluorescence, water purification and UV exposure meter applications. These devices can be operated in photovoltaic mode.

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OSI Optoelectronics’ UV-Enhanced Planar Diffused Silicon (Si) Photodiodes

OSI Optoelectronics (OSIO), an OSI Systems Company and global supplier of high performance standard and OEM photodiodes and high-power light sources, offers UV-enhanced planar diffused silicon photodiodes specially designed for low-light-level detection in the ultraviolet spectral range. The product series includes the UVD planar diffused and UVE planar diffused IR suppressed devices, both featuring excellent UV response.

The UVD and UVE photodiodes exhibit significant advantages over technology used in competing devices such as inversion layer photodiodes, including lower capacitance and higher response times. OSI Optoelectronics’ UVD photodiodes peak at 970 nm. The UVE devices peak at 720 nm and suppress the near-infrared, making them particularly useful in applications where blocking the NIR spectral region is required. Both products can be biased for lower capacitance, wider dynamic range, and high speed response times. Alternatively, the UVD and UVE series may be operated in the photovoltaic (unbiased) mode for situations that require low drift with temperature variations.

Available in varying sizes and footprints, in metal or ceramic packages. OSI’s UV-enhanced planar diffused Si photodiodes are ideal for applications in medical instrumentation, pollution monitoring, spectroscopy, fluorescence, water purification, UV exposure meters, and more. For more information about the planar diffused photodiodes, please go to: http://www.osioptoelectronics.com/standard-products/silicon-photodiodes/uv-enhanced-photodiodes/planar-diffused-photodiode.aspx. To learn more about planar diffused IR suppressed devices, please visit:">www.osioptoelectronics.com/standard-products/silicon-photodiodes/uv-enhanced-photodiodes/planar-diffused-ir-suppressed-photodiode.aspx">visit: www.osioptoelectronics.com/standard-products/silicon-photodiodes/uv-enhanced-photodiodes/planar-diffused-ir-suppressed-photodiode.aspx.

For additional information about the company’s full range of high-performance, light-sensing products for industrial, scientific, military, and OEM solutions, please visit: www.osioptoelectronics.com/.

OSI Optoelectronics, Inc. Hawthorne, California-(www.osioptoelectronics.com ), a division of OSI Systems, is the global leader in design and manufacture of high performance standard, custom, and OEM silicon and InGaAs photodiodes. For over 40 years, we have developed and manufactured OEM and custom solutions for leading technologies and industries. We provide advanced optoelectronic components and sub-assemblies for aerospace and defense, security, inspection systems, medical, communications, and industrial automation applications.


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