UV Disinfection Solutions for HVAC & Occupied Areas Improve Air Quality & Kill Viruses

With schools around the country starting to open for the fall semester and businesses increasing capacity nationwide, there is still a concern that students, staff, and visitors may get sick from the coronavirus. Schools, especially in older buildings, are at a higher risk of having HVAC system issues and typically have a large amount of people occupying them at one time.

With everyone doing what they can to stop the spread of the virus, including wearing masks, those efforts only go so far. Other precautions must be taken to help cut down on the spread of the coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease.

One way to do this is to make sure your building has a working HVAC system with the right kinds of filters that are in good working order. However, sometimes old buildings have old HVAC systems and replacing an entire unit can be costly.

One alternative to replacing your HVAC system is to install air purifying systems that can help disinfect the air as it moves through the unit. Another alternative is to install UV disinfecting lights in occupied areas.

Larson Electronics carries several types of UV air purifiers, including our IND-AHC-TRF series for forced air systems to mount in the ceiling and our IND-HVAC-DTW series for in-duct HVAC use. Both of these solutions are ideal for K-12 schools, colleges, universities and graduate schools, as well as for businesses of all types.

Ceiling Mounted Far-UVC Disinfection Light Series
Our IND-AHC-TRF series feature industrial grade UV air purifying power that can be mounted in occupied areas, such as school classrooms, hallways, offices, lobbies, and more. These systems typically come in a troffer mount or recessed troffer mount configuration that can be mounted to virtually any type of ceiling.

These systems utilize far-UVC disinfection that kills 99% of viruses and bacteria. As people move under the light fixture the air under and around it is continuously disinfected by the UV lights. Because these fixtures utilize far-UVC light (222nm) they can be used around people as the output is safe for contact with skin and eyes

In-Duct HVAC UV Disinfection Series
Our IND-HVAC-DTW series is for use directly inside the HVAC unit ducts. The devices in this series come in a variety of sizes for any type of HVAC system. These systems feature UV lights that have a stronger wavelength output (254nm) since it is used inside a duct and will not come into contact with people.

This UV system is installed inside an HVAC system duct and disinfects the air as it moves through the system. The air moving inside the duct passes through the UV rays and is disinfected in the process, then the air is pushed back out into occupied areas. The air moving through the duct is constantly being purified as it flows through the UV lights inside the system.

New health threats require new safety and disinfection measures, and because we understand the implications of not protecting yourself, your students, your workers, and your patrons, we’ve got you covered with our powerful HVAC air sanitation and UV sanitation products.

To learn more about our IND-AHC-TRF troffer and recessed troffer mount UV disinfection light series, click here. To learn more about our IND-HVAC-DTW in-duct HVAC UV disinfection series, click here.

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