UV Device cleans up Anthrax and other bacteria.

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Handheld Bio Sweeper decontamination device is lethal to viruses, bacteria, and spores, including Anthrax. Device is easily moved in side-to-side or up-and-down motions over perceived or known contaminated objects whether they are mobile or fixed. Operator positions this device over any surface including electronics, walls, carpet, desktops, paper and other non-living materials to detoxify areas in seconds.

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New Hand Held Bio Sweeper (TradeMark) Cleans Surfaces of Infectious Bacteria And Spores, Even Anthrax

New Hand Held Bio SweeperCleans Surfaces Of Infectious Bacteria And Spores, Even Anthrax

Santa Ana, CA (October 17, 2001) - Intellicon Inc., an innovator of ultra-violet (UW) technology in industrial processes, today announced its Bio Sweeper, a portable decontamination device that is highly lethal to viruses, bacteria, and spores. Effective against virtually all bio toxins, the Intellicon product is a hand-held device that incorporates proven WV-C germicidal technology that has been used for years in water and air purification systems and deploys it as a known technology to combat infectious, harmful microscopic bodies dangerous to human life.

The Bio Sweeper provides trained HAZMAT and clean up personnel an easy, cost-effective and exacting purification method for taking on hazardous biological enemies. Intellicon's Bio Sweeper is easily moved in side- to-side or up-and-down motions over perceived or known contaminated objects whether they are mobile or fixed. The operator positions this device over any surface including electronics, walls, carpet, desktops, paper and other non-living materials to detoxify areas in a matter of seconds and effectively stops harmful threats or spills before they can spread.

Available in a variety of lamp sizes and portable models, the units deliver over 20 milliwatts/cm2 of UV-C, 100 times more energy than needed to kill many common forms of viruses and bacteria, including tough airborne spores. Proven in an extensive range of studies, WV-C has successfully demonstrated its effectiveness in killing many bacteria and viruses including Small Pox, Dengue, Anthrax and even the common cold. These hand-held Bio Sweepers bring the same capability found in ultra-high purity air and water treatment applications and specialized industrial curing anywhere a biohazard is located. Now instead of a chemical wash down, the user can achieve the same clean up by shining the WV-C light on and around the spill.

Citing an example of the recent alarm across the country, Gary Halmbacher, President of Intellicon, Inc. wanted to find a way to be on the aggressive side of potential biohazard disasters such as the current events elevate public awareness of Anthrax and other biohazards. "The portability of the Bio Sweeper puts a high quality technology in the hands of the team members where it needs to be," said Halmbacher. "On the scene, UV-C requires special handling, and until now, its use has primarily been in fixed locations," continued Halmbacher. "Although the light is absolutely lethal to Anthrax, most hazardous situations are on remote locations and do not have the luxury of sending a building, for example, off to a lab. So, we are bringing it to them." Halmbacher added that, "This is great for the environment too. It leaves no residue and doesn't require cleanup or special consideration for hazardous waste disposal." Price and Availability Available today to certified government and industrial hazardous response and clean up teams, the Bio Sweeper is priced less than $1,000 for single unit quantities and has multiple unit discounts. Non- portable versions for use in mail and package sorting equipment are also available.

About Intellicon Inc.
Intellicon, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of microprocessor control, data acquisition and test devices interfaced with electronic and electromechanical devices. These products feature local intelligence that will let them execute most of their operations, stimulus, response, measurement, and analysis, independent of a central controller. In lighting technology, Intellicon has combined compact, high efficiency electronic ballasts with intelligent control to deliver more efficient operation to traditionally non-controlled products. The company has developed precision control systems for UV curing and air purification.

Ultra Violet (UV) light is naturally occurring and has a shorter wavelength than visible light. The TI spectrum is divided into A, B, C components. TV-A light tans the skin while the shorter wavelength W3-B and TI-C light are dangerous for biological materials. WV-C is the part with the shortest wavelength. All bacteria and virus have their DNA destroyed in a TI-C filter system. TI-A light is used in fluorescent inspection processes to make working life easier for quality control engineers, forensic scientists, fire officers and auction houses to name but a few. Under TI blacklight hairline cracks can be detected in aircraft structures, automotive steering systems and many other critical components.

In the field of forensics TI blacklights help unearth vital evidence at crime scenes and plays an important role in identifying the causes of fires. TI blacklights are used as a means of revealing imperfections and evidences of restoration in art works, an important aspect of authentication for valuation and sale. The special effects industry uses TI to produce stunning visual effects as if by magic. Festival tented environments use TI responsive drapes, pop concerts use multi image 'trompe l'oeil' backdrops illuminated by TI and night clubs use TI blacklights to make white clothes glow in the dark.

Microbiologists are employing TI-C germicidal lamps within engineering control measures to reduce infection caused by airborne transmission of bacterial pathogens within closed environments. In addition, some of the water we drink has been sterilized using TI-C light, as well as a wide variety of food, drinks and medical supplies packaging. In recent years TI light curing of materials has emerged as perhaps the most exciting and versatile material technology. These single component, solvent-free material systems cure almost instantaneously on exposure to TI light with efficient use of energy. They offer unrivalled and unique process advantages in times of stringent legislation changes restricting the use of many solvents. TI-A, TI-B and TI-C light sources are employed depending upon the type of material to be processed, ie: adhesives, resins, coatings or inks.

Wavelengths Ultra Violet is subdivided into three distinct wavelengths in increasing order of photon energy. TI-A 400nm-315nm: Often referred to as blacklight, this is the longest wavelength region and lowest energy, it represents the largest portion of natural TI light. TI-B 315nm-280nm: Partially blocked by the ozone layer this is the most aggressive component of natural TI light and largely responsible for sunburn (erythema). TI-C 280nm-l00nm: Only generally encountered from artificial light sources since it is totally absorbed by the earth's atmosphere.

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