UV Curing Spot Lamp includes intensity adjustment feature.

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Emitting UVA and blue visible light from 300-450 nm, BlueWave(TM) 200 cures adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants. Intensity Adjustment feature allows manual adjustment during initial UV process validation and production and permits engineers to evaluate full range of intensity produced by lamp from 0-100%. Integral shutter can be actuated by foot pedal or PLC, making lamp suitable for manual and automated processes. Solid-state power supply delivers 90-263 V, 47-63 Hz.

Original Press Release:

Bluewave 200 UV Curing Spot Lamp With Intensity Adjustment Feature For Improved Process Control

The BlueWave(TM) 200 UV curing spot lamp offers the highest intensity and the most user-friendly operation in the industry. A new, patent pending Intensity Adjustment feature allows simple, manual intensity adjustment during initial UV process validation and production.

As with any manufacturing process, defining an acceptable processing window is a crucial step in developing a UV curing process. The new Intensity Adjustment feature permits engineers to evaluate the full range of intensity produced by the BlueWave 200 spot lamp, from 0 to 100%. Thus, the upper and lower intensity limits of a UV curing process can easily be identified in an actual production setting. When in production, routine radiometer measurements performed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices will determine if any further intensity adjustments are required. The average BlueWave 200 bulb varies less than 1% over 8 hours of normal use, so daily or weekly adjustments are typically adequate to maintain a tightly controlled process.

The BlueWave 200 primarily emits UVA and blue visible light (300-450 nm) and is designed for UV curing of adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants. It contains an integral shutter which can be actuated by a foot pedal or PLC making it ideal for both manual and automated processes. A solid-state power supply provides consistent performance at any voltage (90-263 volts, 47-63 Hz). DYMAX also offers a wide array of long-lasting lightguides including liquid/fiber, single/multi-pole, and lightguides of various lengths. The BlueWave 200 is the most versatile, user-friendly, and reliable UV spot curing lamp available.

DYMAX Corporation is a technology-based company specializing in the formulation, manufacture and service of advanced assembly adhesives, coatings, masks, and light curing systems.

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