Utility Manhole Cover Lifter features rubber hand grips.

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With plated-steel tubular design, utility manhole cover lifter allows individual to lift and remove heavy utility manhole covers quickly and safely, in variety of work environments and applications. It features spiked foot for secure traction on unstable ground surfaces such as sand, ice, or snow. Key options include small and large J-hooks, as well as heavy L-hook. All keys are made of heat-treated steel, while custom keys can be engineered for specific applications.

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Utility Manhole Cover Lifter Makes One-Person Cover Removal and Replacement Both Easy and Safe

April 2009; Trevose, PA -- General Machine Products Company, Inc. (GMP), Trevose, PA, is pleased to introduce the Utility Manhole Cover Lifter to its complement of safety tools & equipment. The GMP Utility Manhole Cover Lifter allows an individual to lift and remove heavy utility manhole covers quickly and safely, in a variety of work environments and applications. The tool securely attaches to and raises the most stubborn covers; with the lifter doing all the heavy work, instead of the technician's back. One Utility Manhole Cover Lifter can work on a wide range of cover types, as each lifting hook attachment (or key) is designed to accommodate a broad selection of manhole covers.

The long handle of the Utility Manhole Cover Lifter provides the precise leverage necessary to easily raise bulky manhole covers. The lifting process is simple. First, select the appropriate lifting key for the cover to be removed. Insert the key into the cover's hole or lifting pocket. Next, brace the lifter's foot with one of your own feet while having the handle pointing away from you. Then pull the lifter's handle backward toward you. Keep moving the foot of the lifter back to change the angle and allow for additional pulls of the handle to clear the manhole cover from its frame.

Added design features include rubber hand grips and a spiked foot for secure traction on unstable ground surfaces like sand, ice or snow. Plus, the lifter's durable, plated-steel tubular body is specifically engineered to lift the heaviest utility manhole covers.

GMP offers several key options, including a Small J-Hook, a Large J-Hook, and a Heavy L-Hook. All keys are made of heat-treated steel for added strength and durability. While stock keys can accommodate the majority of utility cover types in use worldwide today, GMP will also engineer custom key designs to fit unique applications.

More information is available online at www.GMPtools.com/nf/70152.htm, or by contacting Ted Clemens at 215-357-5500; [email protected].

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The Utility Manhole Cover Lifter, from General Machine Products Company, Inc., is for the individual faced with moving a wide variety of covers in different work environments.

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