User-centric Automation Technologies Improve Productivity of Industrial Processes and Strengthen the Users' Feeling of Being in Control of the Process

The Metso Maintenance Pad, a new window to route based condition analysis

Numerous new automation technologies from Metso to meet process industry needs

The development work of Metso's automation solutions is driven by a user-centric approach. One of the most important targets of Metso's product development is to provide persons who are responsible for industrial processes with new automation technologies that make the work easier and give users a feeling of being in control of the process.

Metso DNA can now be reached via smart phones, too

Using wireless sensors and measurement modules makes setup quick and safe without cables and minimizes the time spent close to the measured machine.The scalable Metso DNA process control system adapts to diverse industry needs, from single machine controls to entire plant-wide automation and information management systems. It enables plants to integrate all operations into a single plant-wide or even corporate-wide entity, enabling easy access to information for comparing and combining process data. Operators only need to know one system, and customers also benefit from having a single source for global system support, updates and spare parts. The results are visible through lower fuel costs, reduced emissions and higher availability.

In addition to access from the control room and office, or via remote control, the information management system can now be accessed via a new Smart Phone application. The application includes a Trend Tool to see historical trends, Alarm & Events history and Diary entries that can be made with a camera. It uses the existing information system or the Metso DNA Operate Trend and Event Archive (TEA) at the plant through a 3G or WLAN connection.

Metso DNA and earlier Metso systems can be upgraded in sections, and existing equipment and applications can be used in the upgraded system. There is no need to rewrite existing applications when the hardware is changed, for example. Metso DNA also allows easy and cost-effective migration of third-party systems. This means that all existing and future systems can be seamlessly connected to Metso DNA.

New highlights in the Metso IQ product family

Today, Metso is the market leader in quality controls. Its comprehensive approach to QCS is Metso IQ, which integrates process quality management, measurements and profile controls with profilers to provide the operating personnel with what they need to understand and manage the process. Metso's expertise and portfolio of proven equipment, applications and solutions are geared towards producing measureable improvements that translate directly into improved profitability.

Metso is launching its latest Metso IQ Induction Profiler with new features for cross-machine caliper or gloss control. Together with new IQ CD Controls, IQ Induction offers benefits to customers through increased profile controllability, improved caliper profiles and caliper profile variability, minimized coating color consumption, as well as improved gloss level, runnability and reel buildup. New break recovery features optimize control actions after sheet breaks or process upsets to minimize off-spec production.

"New CD controls shorten the break recovery time significantly and minimize off-spec production after process upsets," says Jari Almi, Director of QCS, Automation, Metso. "Metso IQ Induction is a good tool to increase profile controllability. All heating power goes directly onto the roll. Heat expansion increases nip load locally, which results in improved caliper profiles in the end product." Additionally, the profiler now features an advanced industrial design.

Another newcomer in the Metso IQ family is the new online paper quality sensor, IQ Surface. It continuously measures paper surface topography from the moving web on the paper machine. Measured parameters can be utilized to reliably predict printability in rotogravure printing and provide real-time information for process control and troubleshooting.

The accurate machine direction and high-resolution cross direction profiles measured by IQ Surface provide a solid foundation for producing high-quality paper and board. Real-time information of sheet surface properties makes it possible to optimize printability, starting already with the paper machine. The IQ Surface measurement gives an instant response to surface quality changes caused by the base sheet, coating or calendaring, and alerts of potential print problems during paper production to offer the means of avoiding off-quality paper through process control actions.

Introducing a new standard in moisture analysis: Metso MR Moisture Analyzer

With the new Metso MR Moisture Analyzer (Metso MR Moisture), it is possible to accurately measure the water content of virtually any bulk material, such as wood-based samples (whole-tree chips, forest residue chips, peat), annual fibers (straw, grains, willow), minerals, foodstuffs and sludge.

"The analyzer measures the water content by measuring hydrogen atoms from free water molecules with magnetic resonance technology," explains Lasse Kauppinen, Product Manager, Automation, Metso. "It is possible to measure virtually any sample containing water, regardless of the material quality or particle size. The fast and reliable moisture measurement is applicable for pulp and paper mills, minerals processing plants as well as power plants to optimize their operations."

Fuel management from gate to boiler: Metso DNA Fuel Data Manager

By integrating Metso MR Moisture with the new Metso DNA Fuel Data Manager, it is possible to cover fuel management from gate to boiler. The new tool for monitoring and reporting fuel delivery and quality data supports the management of the fuel reception, handling and sampling process - from weighbridge to laboratory and boiler. It is applicable for all power plants that combust solid fuel with daily deliveries. Fuel data is available without delay and can be integrated with any other historical data. Combining quality and load data is easy with ready-made reports. Data is accessible through one web user interface.

Integrated turbine control: Metso DNA Turbine Controller

Metso has integrated turbine control, turbine protection and turbine management applications into the Metso DNA automation system. With Metso DNA Turbine Controller, control and protection are now in one system; there are no black boxes. The benefits of the new solution include high availability, easy and cost-effective maintenance as well as seamless integration of the turbine and boiler controls.

"We offer a total concept for steam, gas and hydro turbine controllers, including machine monitoring, information management and the possibility to integrate them into a plant-wide distributed control system. Having the engineering tools in the control system creates a deeper view into the process," points out Juha-Pekka Jalkanen, Director, Plant Performance Solutions, Automation, Metso.

The concept includes many powerful benefits, one of which is the possibility to perform an online IO exchange on a running control system and machine without jeopardizing the operation of the unit. This saves on downtime costs and lost production while boosting revenues. Other advantages include remote access by Metso specialists for online analysis and support. Metso supports its control systems for at least 25 years and provides them with new software that communicates with the existing system, without any need to redesign or re-engineer.

The Automation segment's process automation and flow control solutions meet the growing needs of Metso's customer industries to improve production process efficiency as raw materials and energy sources become scarcer and their costs increase. Our global network of service experts delivers business solutions to our customers that improve their productivity, lower risks and optimize costs.,

Metso is a global supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries, including mining, construction, pulp and paper, power, and oil and gas. Our 30,000 professionals based in over 50 countries deliver sustainability and profitability to customers worldwide. Expect results.,

For further information please contact:

Jaakko Oksanen, Product Manager, Automation, Metso

Tel. +358-20-483-8911 or +358-40-515-6549

Markku Ylinen, Product Manager, Automation, Metso

Tel. +358-20-483-8403 or +358-40-527-5048

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