USB Relay Controller operates in hostile environments.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 24 isolated digital inputs and 24 relays, Model IA-3128-U2 operates in extreme environments while keeping host computer free from EMI/RFI interference. Isolated digital inputs have 0 logic range, 0-30 Vdc, supporting lighted sensor with high drop-on voltage. Two additional RS-232 ports enable IA-3000 transparent chain operation. In addition, controller includes Open Code Software examples and local/global commands.

Original Press Release:

Industrial USB Relay Controller Includes 24 Isolated Digital Inputs, 24 Relays and additional RS-232 Ports

Intelligent-Appliance has announced the launching of a new Industrial Relay Controller, IA-3128-U2.

This controller was designed to operate in an extreme hostile environment while keeping its host computer free from EMI/RFI interference. Its Isolated Digital Inputs have a wide "0" logic range, 0 to 3VDC, supporting "lighted" sensors with high drop-on voltage. In spite of this fact, they support 5VDC operation, 5VDC to over 30VDC voltage range. On a different sub version 24VDC to 72VDC Digital Input Range is available too.

The IA-3128-U, Industrial USB Relay controller has an enhanced commands list, including local and global commands.

Open Code Software examples are part of the software supporting package, along with additional configuration and operation utilities.

The IA-3128-U, USB Relay controller includes two additional RS-232 Ports, enabling the IA-3000 transparent chain operation. Third party RS-232 devices may be chained too, while being subjected to further testing.

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