USB Multi Function Relay, ADC, & Opto-In Module Model JSB-380

GRANADA HILLS, CALIFORNIA, March 27, 2009, J-Works has start shipping model JSB-380 USB 2.0 Controlled Multi-Function module with 4 Relays, 4 ADC channels and 4 Digital Opto-Isolated inputs. Each Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) can measure -5V to +5V with optional 12 or 16 bit resolution, single ended or differential inputs, user controlled PGA in 1, 2, 4, 8 steps. The opto-isolated inputs can support two ranges of inputs, one trip is at 3.3V with a 15 volt range, and the other is 10V with a 30 volt range. Relays are SPST 15Amp 240VAC. Screw type terminal blocks are on the module to provide quick and easy connector to all the IO. This small form factor module replaces internal pc based plug-in cards or up to 3 USB modules for use in various test, control, monitor and measurement applications. Complete product specifications available at web site Single unit price starts at $160.00. Delivery is from stock.

J-Works, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of USB based Industrial Controls and Test Instrumentation that supports innovated solutions for the test and control marketplace.

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