USB Cards Now Available for Panel Meters

Oct 14, 2008

There is no faster way to program panel meters than with Red Lion's free Crimson® software. Now it's even easier with the release of USB programming cards for the CUB5 and PAX® meters. These programming cards allow quick connection to almost any computer without the use of serial converters or other external devices. With one of these option cards installed, you can effortlessly set-up the meter and even store the program for later use. Just simply plug-and-play.

Crimson's menu style programming easily guides you through all parameters of the meter set-up. Once completed, just download the configuration to the meter and save the file for future reference.

A CUB5 or PAX programming kit is also available. The kit comes complete with the appropriate USB card, USB connecting cable and the latest version of Crimson software.

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