USB Autoloader offers PC-hosted disc printing solution.

Press Release Summary:

Providing fully automated disc printing, Model AL220U can be used with TEAC P55 dye-sublimation thermal disc printer or TEAC 4,800 dpi inkjet printer. It features intelligent robotic mechanism that is used to transport discs to and from attached printer, and USB interface that makes autoloader compatible with most graphics software programs available.

Original Press Release:

TEAC America Launches AL220U, USB Autoloader System

The AL220U to be used with TEAC P55 Dye-sublimation thermal re-transfer printer or TEAC Inkjet printer

MONTEBELLO, Calif, Feb. 8 /-- TEAC America, Inc. announces the addition of TEAC AL220U, its new USB Autoloader, to its Disc Publishing Product line.

TEAC's new USB Autoloader, AL220U, is a PC hosted Disc Printing Solution. It is available to be used either with TEAC P55 photo-quality dye-sublimation thermal disc printer or with the TEAC 4800dpi inkjet printing system and is a fully automated disc printer solution. Its USB interface makes it compatible with most graphics software programs available in the market. The product features an intelligent robotic mechanism that is used to transport discs to and from the attached TEAC printer with high precision and speed.

"TEAC's new USB Autoloader makes it very easy and quick to automatically print up to 220 discs. The Advanced robotic mechanism is used to transport discs from the input bins to the integrated TEAC printer and then to output bins. With USB connection, the whole process is extremely quick and very efficient." says Les Luzar, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, TEAC America, Inc. "TEAC's new AL220U Autoloader system eliminates the need for generating PRN files and with the Robotic control software included, completing jobs have never been easier."

TEAC's AL220U Autoloader could be used with either the TEAC P55 Dye- Sublimation Thermal Photo-Quality printer or with the TEAC Inkjet printer depending on customer's needs and applications. TEAC's P55 photo-quality Dye- sublimation printer produces the industry's sharpest quality thermal images on a disk. The photo realistic labels produced are the highest quality prints available in the market and are unmatched by any other company. TEAC's P55 printer takes the traditional screen printing to the next level and replaces it with unsurpassed quality never before seen on a thermal printer.

TEAC AL220U is currently available from TEAC's distribution channel.

The largest subsidiary of TEAC Corporation, TEAC's Data Storage Products Division is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of optical and magnetic recording technologies. TEAC's data storage products are sold throughout the world and are found in more personal computers than any other brand. TEAC is a premier manufacturer of DVD-Recorders, CD-RW, CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drives, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, Internal and USB Floppy Drives, External Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives and Disc Publishing Products.

TEAC America, Inc. is active in the development, sales and marketing of removable storage products throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. Based in Tokyo, Japan, TEAC Corporation is an innovator and worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of audio, video and data recording technologies since 1953.

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