US LEC Expands Dynamic T(SM) to Southeast Florida

Integrated VoIP and Internet solution provides Miami businesses with improved features, scalability and cost efficiencies

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 4 -- US LEC Corp. (NASDAQ:CLEC), a telecommunications carrier serving businesses and enterprise organizations throughout the Eastern United States, today announced the availability of its Dynamic T VoIP and Internet suite to Miami. The Dynamic T product features include the dynamic bandwidth allocation to maximize bandwidth, as well as BIGVoice(SM), BIGData(SM), Dynamic T SIP and Messaging and Mobility features.

"US LEC's Dynamic T product suite offers the features, benefits and quality of service businesses expect from IP-based technology, and maximizes bandwidth without the excess costs or equipment associated with some VoIP services," said Jeff Blackey, senior vice president of marketing and business development for US LEC. "By choosing Dynamic T, businesses can enjoy the benefits of an integrated Internet and voice service without the need to upgrade to new IP phone equipment and handsets or purchase unnecessary bandwidth, while experiencing quality of service guarantees over a proven network."

Dynamic T voice traffic travels exclusively over the US LEC network, between its switching facilities and customers. This allows US LEC to offer a feature-rich VoIP service supported with QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees for carrier-grade call quality and 911 capabilities.

The dynamic allocation feature enables prioritized traffic such as voice applications to be automatically re-allocated for Internet needs as voice traffic decreases. This allows businesses to better utilize existing bandwidth and only buy the bandwidth needed.

US LEC's Dynamic T offers a broad range of products that allow businesses to custom-tailor to their solutions. These products include:

- BIGVoice(SM) -- allows businesses to break through the traditional limitations of 24 voice channels over a 1.5 Mbs T1 and may reduce the number of local loops required for voice traffic

- BIGData(SM) -- provides high-bandwidth Internet and networking services for businesses who require 4.5 Mbs or more of bandwidth, but want VoIP functionality and ability to buy bandwidth incrementally

- Dynamic T SIP -- offers IP peering capability for Internet conferencing, telephony, events notification and instant messaging applications

- Voice Mail and Mobility Pak -- mobility and voice messaging services allow users to dictate preferences based on any combination of caller importance, call time, call location or user availability, including Find-Me Follow-Me call functionality and voice mail delivery by e-mail

Dynamic T provides users voice productivity tools not available with traditional voice services. For example, users can redirect inbound calls to one number or a sequence of numbers via a Web interface accessed by the user. Also, traveling or work-at-home users can opt to appear in-office when making outbound calls. Workers with busy schedules can use selective call screening to allow important individual numbers, such as key customers, to bypass voice mail and ring to an available number of their choice, ensuring important calls always get answered.

US LEC offers a fully-managed single Integrated Access Device (IAD), removing the burden of administering complex routing and protocols, and providing 24 x 7 monitoring and repair and replacement service.

The expansion of Dynamic T to the Miami market continues US LEC's aggressive roll out of IP-based products and services. With the upcoming introduction of Dynamic T into West Palm Beach, US LEC will soon provide medium and large business customers throughout Southeast Florida with access to the wide range of services and features available with the Dynamic T product suite.

Dynamic T is now available in seven switching centers across the US LEC footprint, including Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Tampa and Washington, D.C.

About US LEC

Based in Charlotte, NC, US LEC is a leading telecommunications carrier providing integrated voice, data and Internet services to medium and large businesses and enterprise organizations throughout 16 Eastern states and the District of Columbia. US LEC offers advanced Internet Protocol-based solutions including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service via its Dynamic T(SM) product, including Dynamic T SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) and BIG Voice, and advanced IP-based data solutions such as Ethernet Local Loop, MPLS VPN (Multi Protocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network), as well as other managed data, data backup and data center services, and a broad array of voice services such as local and long distance calling and conferencing, and traditional data services such as Frame Relay, Multi-Link Frame Relay and ATM, Web hosting and dedicated and dial-up Internet services. US LEC also offers selected voice services in 26 additional states and provides enhanced data services, Internet services, IP-based services and MegaPOP(R) (local dial-up Internet access for ISPs) nationwide. For more information about US LEC, visit

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