UPS Systems support company's xSeries® towers.

Press Release Summary:

Uninterruptible power supplies provide power protection, extended run-time power backup, and smart power management. Units are offered with 3 VA points with up to 1,500 VA and 1,050 W load capacity. USB and serial communications are incorporated as standard, and UPS management software integrates with IBM Director for seamless systems management. Units come with 6-8 outlets, depending on model, and hot-swap internal battery.

Original Press Release:

IBM xSeries Tower UPS Offers More Power, Better Features, and IBM Service and Support at a Better Price

At a glance

New high-availability uninterruptible power supply (UPS) options deliver cost-effective power protection, extended run-time power backup, and smart power management to xSeries® servers.

Three unique volt ampere (VA) points; up to 1500 VA and 1050-watt load capacity

Support for all xSeries stand-alone towers

USB and serial communications standard

UPS management software that integrates with IBM Director for seamless systems management

Hot-swap internal battery

Six or eight outlets, depending on model

Three-year on-site limited warranty1

For technical support:

Call the HelpCenter® (800-772-2227)


Request technical information at:


Now you can protect and substantially extend the backup power run times of your mission-critical applications with cost-effective, high-availability, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) options.

UPS750T, 1000T, 1500T LV, HV, and JVUPS options

Suite of easy-to-use management software

Stand-alone tower installation

USB and serial management on all units

Reliable power protection with advanced management features and software

Better value, lower price, and more power at each volt ampere (VA) rating

"Back-door" protection for attached devices with higher VA units

Substantial battery run times even under full load

Three-year on-site warranty

These UPS options are more cost effective than their predecessors and provide higher wattage levels at each VA point. This means you can power more or higher-power equipment with longer battery run times than previously available. In addition, they offer these high-availability features and functions:

Ability to supply six or eight outlets

Surge protection for phone/fax/modem on the 1000 and 1500 VA units

APC PowerChute Business Edition for IBM management software

Support for unattended shutdown

Open smart slot for adding more function to the UPS

High efficiency with higher wattage at each VA point

1. IBM sends a technician after attempting to diagnose and resolve the problem remotely. For information on the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty, visit:

Key prerequisites

For details on appropriate wall outlets and wiring, refer to the Planning information section.

Planned availability dates

September 19, 2003, UPS750T, 1000T, 1500T LV, HV, and JV, and Power Module Upgrade Kit

September 29, 2003, all power cord options: part numbers 90P4849 to 23K4809

Product positioning

In the xSeries line of UPS offerings, the UPS750T, 1000T, and 1500T UPS options are the replacement parts for the APC tower UPS units. These new UPS options are positioned as the best power protection choice for tower servers. The following list shows the transition from new part to old along with the benefits of the IBM units.

APC700 to IBM UPS750T: New units add USB, greater wattage, more outlets, and longer run time

APC1000 to IBM UPS1000T: New units deliver LAN and phone protection along with greater wattage and longer run times.

APC1400 to IBM UPS1500T: New unit deliver LAN and phone protection along with greater wattage and longer run times.

21301TX replaces 94G3134

21303TX replaces 94G3135

21305TX replaces 94G3136

21302TX replaces 94G4073

21304TX replaces 94G4074

21306TX replaces 94G4075

21307TX, 21308TX, and 21309TX are available only in Japan; there are no current products.

For tower solutions where more power is required, the IBM UPS3000X is a rack-to-tower convertible product offering 3000 VA and 2850 watts of power protection.

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