Upgrading from an Old Atmospheric Evaporator to a New ENCON Thermal Evaporator Saves Company $24,600 Per Year

MicroConnex is a leading supplier and production partner for flex circuits and laser micro-machining based near Seattle Washington. Originally founded in 1995 as a research and development company, MicroConnex currently occupies over 18,000 square feet of office, laboratory and manufacturing space.

MicroConnex contacted ENCON Evaporators to discuss their need to increase evaporation capacity. They use both alkaline and acidic chemicals in a metalization process, which they dewater using an atmospheric evaporator. The atmospheric evaporator  was not keeping up with the current volume of wastewater and the volume would only increase over time.

After consulting with an ENCON Sales Engineer and performing a careful cost analysis, MicroConnex decided to purchase a ENCON 72gph Thermal Evaporator to replace the existing evaporator. The new evaporator runs on natural gas, saving 22 cents per gallon over the old electric atmospheric evaporator energy costs. Based on established waste volumes, the company expects an annual savings of $8,600 in treating this waste.

The ENCON Thermal Evaporator creates much less dust during its operation which improves health and safety of the workplace for employees. The new evaporator is also easier to use, reducing labor hours required for treating wastewater.  This amounts to saving an additional $16,000 per year.

In addition, the ENCON thermal evaporator provides a more consistent evaporation rate compared to the old atmospheric evaporator in the humid Seattle environment.

Working with ENCON Evaporators, Microconnex cut waste, reduced costs and improved working conditions. MicroConnex is very satisfied with their ENCON Thermal Evaporator and their only regret is that they didn't get it sooner.

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