Upgrade Kit raises RTU/PLCs to 32-bit performance.

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Applied to 16-bit SCADAPack RTUs/PLCs within minutes in field or factory, SCADAPack(TM) Upgrade Kit features 32-bit RISC processor, 8 MB memory, as well as serial and Ethernet communication ports. Optional source level debugging software for C/C++ applications is also available. In addition to optimizing performance, solution adds I/O capacity for thousands of analog and digital I/O. System can also include spread spectrum wireless module at 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz.

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COntrol Microsystems Announces 32-bit Upgrade for SCADAPack(TM) RTU/PLCs

SCADAPack Upgrade Kit Boosts Performance By Up to 100 Times; Installs in Minutes in Field or Factory

Ottawa, ON, October 18, 2006 - Control Microsystems, global developer of advanced RTU/PLCs, SCADA management software, and intelligent sensors, today at ISA Expo 2006 announced the release of the SCADAPack(TM) Upgrade Kit, a high performance hardware and software package that provides an immediate upgrade path for 16-bit SCADAPack RTU/PLCs to 32-bit performance. The Upgrade Kit features a 32-bit RISC processor, expanded 8 MB memory, and additional communication ports. Optional source level debugging software for C/C++ applications is also available. The total package installs in minutes in the field or factory, boosts performance by up to 100 times, and adds I/O capacity for thousands of analog and digital I/O.

"Each year, the complexity and speed of SCADA applications increases", stated Dale Symington, Senior Vice President Engineering, Control Microsystems. "With the SCADPack Upgrade Kit, we provide customers with an easy to install and cost effective upgrade path that delivers the features and performance they need to keep pace with automation demands while minimizing downtime."

Faster Processing, Increased Capacity
The SCADAPack Upgrade Kit features a 32-bit RISC-based controller that offers the performance needed for applications requiring real-time communications using multiple protocols and short program loop times. The system's multiprocessor architecture features a co-processor dedicated specifically to handling on-board I/O channels, increasing speed and capacity. With the upgrade, most applications run 30 times faster and most floating point operations run up to 100 times faster.

Memory capacity increases with the Upgrade Kit to 8 MB, supporting up to 8000 more input registers, DNP3 data points, data logging, and up to 10 flow runs. Additional communication ports provide a total of three RS-232 ports, one RS0232/485 port, and one Base10T Ethernet port. The system also optionally includes a fully integrated, license-free spread spectrum wireless module at 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz, and supports external radios and modems.

Flexible Programming, Robust System
Once completed the now SCADAPack32, offers Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII as native protocols and is remotely programmable, as a master or slave, through a choice of flexible programming languages, including C/C++, IEC 61131, and TelePACE Ladder Logic. Existing applications developed on the 16-bit system run with little or no changes on the 32-bit upgrade.

The SCADAPack32 Upgrade Kit is fabricated with conformal coatings, gold-plated machined sockets, and zinc-plated steel system components. This provides reliable and compact stand-alone performance in even hazardous environments.

Pricing & Delivery
The SCADAPack32 Upgrade Kit is available for Control Microsystems' SCADAPack Series P1 T1, W1, and V1 systems. A three year warranty on the new processor board is included. Pricing starts at $950 US. Delivery is immediate.

About Control Microsystems
Control Microsystems is a global supplier of state-of-the-art automation products for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Founded in 1980, the company has led the industry in developing and manufacturing innovative solutions such as the SCADAPack(TM) Series of RTU/PLCs that combine high performance communications with high speed processing, and ClearSCADA(TM), an advanced process management system featuring a unique, all-in-one design that reduces programming time and increases engineering productivity. The company's product line also includes intelligent sensors and gas production automation products engineered for remote installation in harsh, unattended environments. Control Microsystems' products are used around the world in municipal water and wastewater automation; in natural gas and crude oil production, gathering, and pipeline automation, and a wide variety of other industrial automation applications. For more information, visit www.controlmicrosystems.com.

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