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Unmanned Aircraft Systems feature unified control architecture.

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems feature unified control architecture.

Apr 16, 2013 - Sharing common command and control system, HERO-30 Expendable Reconnaissance UAV is electrically powered and launched from small canister, while HERO-400 Loitering Attack Munition, powered by gasoline, comprises electro-optical day/night imaging sensor and 8 kg warhead. HERO-30 provides half hour of mission time to accommodate needs of front line units as they are engaged in combat. Supporting missions at up to 150 km, HERO-400 can loiter for 4 hrs., for engaging fixed or moving high-value targets.

UVision Air Ltd - Zur Igal, ISR

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LAAD 2013: UVision to Introduce Unified Control Architecture for HERO Family of UAS

Press release date: Apr 04, 2013

The company will also unveil latest versions of HERO-30 (formerly designated ‘WASP’) and HERO-400 (formerly designated ‘BLADE ARROW’), both sharing common command and control

Azur, Israel, UVision – a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of UAVs - has rolled out modernized versions of the HERO-30 expendable reconnaissance UAV, and the HERO-400 Loitering Attack Munition, responding to market demand. Through the recent modernization the systems received upgrade in the propulsion, power generation, avionics and datalinks systems, as well as improved payloads.

The company will also introduce a common command and control system to be shared by all HERO family UAS. Sharing command and control infrastructure across the family maximizes the commander’s flexibility in deploying these assets in response to rapidly evolving combat scenarios.

“We are excited to launch the UVision Unified Command and Control system at LAAD 2013. This system is an important foundation supporting the future family of HERO UAS as well as the newly modernized HERO-30 and HERO-400 systems” said UVision CEO Yair Dubester. “UVision has worked relentlessly to maximize the cost-effectiveness of unmanned systems while offering highly specialized mission capabilities and expanding the range of unmanned systems’ roles on the battlefield.” Dubester added.

UVision is currently offering two versions of expendable UAS for reconnaissance and precision attack applications:

The Hero-30 (formerly designated ‘Wasp’) is a small (3kg) expendable unmanned reconnaissance asset supporting small tactical units and Special Forces. Hero-30 is a zero-maintenance personal reconnaissance asset, which is launched from a small canister and is electrically powered, resulting in a minimal tactical footprint and extreme ease of deployment on the battlefield. It provides a full half hour of mission time to accommodate the needs of front line units, as they are engaged combat and potentially under fire.

The Hero-400 (formerly designated ‘Blade Arrow’) is a medium-size (40 kg) loitering munition powered by a gasoline engine. The payload comprises an advanced electro-optical day/night imaging sensor and an 8 kg warhead. Hero-400 can loiter for four hours, for engaging fixed or moving high-value targets. Supporting missions at ranges up to 150km, Hero-400 provides the tactical commander an affordable, quick-reaction precision strike capability.

The company’s HERO-400 and HERO-30 also share a common architecture that supports full interoperability and complementary mission capability.

About UVision:
UVision Air Ltd designs, develops and manufactures unique, cost-effective, UAV system solutions. Core competencies include highly innovative aerodynamic platform configurations tailored for unique flight qualities, precision attack munitions, advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems and command and control stations. UVision excels in unconventional designs, precisely tailored to meet mission requirements and operational constraints.

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You are invited to visit UVision at the Israeli Pavilion Layout at LAAD 2013, Hall 4 Stand #I-32a