Unmanaged Ethernet Switches operate in hazardous locations.

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Offered with 4, 5, or 8 ports, NT100 Series is capable of auto negotiating 10/100 Mb networks and half/full duplex communications. IEEE 802.3 Layer 2 network switches are constructed with hardened metal enclosures and withstand temperatures from -40 to +70°C. To prevent damaging transients or power failures, switches are equipped with 16 kV port protection and redundant power inputs. Series is equipped with auto-crossing detection that supports standard and crossover Ethernet cables.

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New Red Lion NT100 Series of Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Designed for Harsh Environments

York, PA - Red Lion Controls Inc. announces their new NT100 series of unmanaged Ethernet switches, offered with four, five or eight ports and delivering automatic speed, duplex and cable sensing. The series features rugged construction, providing superior durability for mission critical applications in harsh environments.
Red Lion's unmanaged, IEEE 802.3 layer two network switches provide high-speed connections to multiple devices over Ethernet, without requiring manual configuration. Capable of auto negotiating 10/100Mb networks and half/full duplex communications, these switches avoid performance failures associated with bandwidth congestion, diverse operating speeds or interlinking devices with differing duplex configurations. Additionally, the series is equipped with auto-crossing detection that supports standard and crossover Ethernet cables.

Constructed with hardened metal enclosures, the NT100 series Ethernet switches are UL approved for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. These switches provide dependable performance in extreme environments, withstanding temperatures between -40 to +70 degrees Celsius. Further, to prevent damaging transients or power failures, the switches are equipped with 16kV port protection and redundant power inputs for continuous network performance.

"With the release of the new NT100 series, Red Lion provides reliable Ethernet switches for very harsh environments," said Jesse Benefiel, Red Lion Product Manager. "The NT100 series was designed to maintain network connectivity in mission critical applications, offering reliable performance for continued business operation."
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