Universal Safety Response to Attend 55th Annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits

Perimeter Security Solution Displays & Demos in Anaheim, CA September 21-23

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Sept. 15 - Universal Safety Response (USR), a Smith & Wesson Company (NASDAQ:SWHC) and a leader in perimeter security systems, will exhibit at one of the security industry's largest events, the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits, held September 21-23 at the Anaheim Convention Center. From 9:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. daily, the event will showcase global leaders in security technology and product services.

From Booth #4162, USR will provide attendees a look at some of the newest and most innovative products in security, as well as existing products including the company's flagship barrier product, the GRAB . Highlighted products that USR will display at ASIS include:

Active Vehicle Barriers:

o GRAB - The GRAB is the only U.S. Department of State, K12 certified, Energy Absorbing Security Barrier. Its patented energy absorbing technology is designed to work across a spectrum of vehicle weights and speeds, allowing it to stop, in three feet or less, anything from a 15,000-pound truck to an 1,800-pound car travelling 50 miles-per-hour. The revolutionary GRAB brings vehicles to a complete stop with minimal damage making it a reduced risk barrier system. Post-impact, the GRAB can be reset in 30 minutes and requires only a small replacement part.

o Xtreme Mobile Barrier (XMB) - The XMB is a completely portable barricade that can be installed and operational in the field in less than 5 minutes. With its small, lightweight design and ability to be used on virtually any surface, the XMB is highly efficient security barrier with numerous applications.

o Expeditionary Mobile Barrier (EMB) -- Deployable in less than 10 minutes, the EMB can stop a 7,500-pound vehicle traveling 45 miles-per-hour. This reduced risk barrier technology brings a vehicle to a complete stop, and increases likelihood that vehicle occupants will be unharmed. It is immediately resettable after impact, with few or no replaced parts. Nets come in a variety of widths to accommodate a variety of roadway applications. The EMB is a completely mobile barrier, combining many advantages of the GRAB and the XMB.

Law Enforcement:

o Star Barriers - The Star Barrier mobile vehicle arresting device is aptly named for protruding points that give the appearance of a star. From its location on the ground, it serves as both a visual checkpoint as well as a physical checkpoint should a vehicle attempt to drive over it. The Star Barrier will completely disengage vehicle advancement from underneath.

o Ballistic-rated Guard Booth - Ballistic-rated guard booths can be integrated into access control locations as check points or to house a barrier control panel for a GRAB system, drop arm, XMB, or other security device. Guard booths are available in a variety of sizes and colors to meet any facility requirement.

o Evidence Recovery and Containment System - As a fully enclosed system, the ERC is well suited for disarming pipe bombs and similar devices, by containing debris and assisting in the safe recovery of ballistic materials, while simultaneously minimizing damage to the surrounding environment.

Perimeter and Crowd Control:

o FenceBox - The FenceBox is a portable, temporary fencing solution ideal for crowd control situations. The FenceBox expands to deliver more than 160-feet of high tensile, mesh fencing (ideal for stadiums and arenas), and can be retracted and stored in a portable box when not actively in use.

o Ameristar Fencing - Ameristar Fencing is K12 crash-rated fencing ideally suited for perimeter security and available in a variety of styles to accommodate any facility requirement.

o Bollards - Bollards are crash rated and are available in a wide array of categories. From fixed to removable to automatic, bollard design can take into account a host of functional and decorative features, and can be specifically tailored to each facility's aesthetics and perimeter security needs.

Access Control:

o ODDS - The Overspeed Directional Detection System package provides advanced alert at access control points of potential vehicle threats. The system alerts guard personnel at entrance and exit points that a vehicle is approaching at a high rate of speed or is travelling in the wrong direction. As the ultimate traffic control sensor system, ODDS provides guard staff with information needed to make critical decisions.

o Drop Arm - The UA Series Drop Arm is constructed of industrial grade materials, minimizing maintenance and providing long-term reliability. Drop Arm units are controlled with programmable logic controllers (PLC) which maximize their integration capabilities with other access and security control systems, such as breakaway switches that automatically deploy anti-ram vehicle barrier systems such as the GRAB.

o Signs and Signals - Integral components in any perimeter security system, Signs and Signals packages increase the awareness of drivers to upcoming barrier systems. USR's Signs and Signals Packages offer approaching drivers information on upcoming barrier types and locations and status, as well as advice on speed, direction, vehicle positioning, and how to safely proceed into a facility.

Matt Gelfand, President of USR, said, "As the premier venue for security products and services, ASIS is the ideal location to showcase a variety of our perimeter security offerings. At this year's event, we have expanded our show floor space and will provide attendees with multiple, full-scale product displays and demonstrations, allowing them to experience the vast array and complete integration of products and services that USR now delivers. Ranging from innovative new products, to full system design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and component selection, our new displays will allow each visitor to find exactly the right combination of products and services to address any facility requirement."

USR's EMB product has won the ASIS Accolades Award for Transformational Product, Service, or Technology. The first ever ASIS Accolades Award program recognizes the security industry's most innovative companies, products, services and solutions.

About USR

Based in Franklin, Tenn., USR is a full-service perimeter security integrator, barrier manufacturer and installer. As a Smith & Wesson Company, USR provides a complete range of products and services tailored to each client's unique specifications. USR is proud to incorporate its core values of customer service, integrity, innovation and quality into every project. Founded in 1994, USR is the original creator of GRAB , the world's fastest growing barrier technology. USR serves a variety of clients in the defense, transportation and petrol-chemical industries, as well as corporate facilities, airports, Fortune 500 companies, national laboratories and museums. To learn more about USR's services and products, call (615) 224-0400 or visit www.usrgrab.com. For more information on Smith & Wesson, call (800) 331-0852 or log on to www.smith-wesson.com.


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