Universal Plastics Completes Installation of HASS Vertical Milling Machine

Provides streamline tooling for more competitive thermoforming of clamshell packaging

Holyoke, MA - Universal Plastics has completed purchase and installation of a new HASS VM3 CNC Vertical milling machine. The milling machine is equipped with a 40" X 26" bed, 25" of vertical travel, and a 24 tool change. "This machine combined with new CAD/CAM software allows us to direct machine tools for thin gauge forming faster and cheaper than in the past, according to Universal Plastics Sales Manager Jim Roper.

"This six figure investment will allow us to lower our cost for thin gauge thermoforming products such as custom plastic clamshell packaging," Roper said. "Highly competitive and rapid turnaround tooling will assure your product gets to market faster. Most tools are manufactured in four to five weeks. This assures your custom plastic clamshell packaging will be delivered on time and on budget by a U.S. based custom thermoformer", he said.

Universal Plastics is a leading custom thermoforming and vacuum forming manufacturer specializing in custom designed thin and heavy gauge thermoformed enclosures, clamshells, radomes, housing, plastic trays and bathtub surrounds. They make products for the electronic, medical, food, display and outdoor equipment industries. "We will continue to invest on our plant and equipment to insure we stay competitive and provide rapid turnaround of both design and products to meet our customers needs", Roper said.

About Universal Plastics

Universal (universalplastics.com) is a custom manufacturer of plastic products including aircraft accessories, baskets, bins, boxes, buckets, biotechnology equipment, cases, displays, guards, housings, packaging, shields and trays. All products are created from thermoformed, pressure formed, vacuum formed, or drape formed plastic including acrylic, polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC, Ultem®, acetal, ABS, polycarbonate & polystyrene. They specialize in manufacturing large parts and low to medium volumes orders, offer engineering services from prototype development through production. Thin gauge capabilities to 31 in. wide x 4 in. deep and heavy gauge sizes up to 15 ft. in length.

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