Universal Instruments Enhances Package-on-Package Flexibility

In response to rising demand for Package-on-Package (PoP) applications, Universal has developed new hardware and process technology to accommodate effective flux dipping and soldering for enhanced manufacturing flexibility.

"Demand for PoP technology is certainly growing, rendering continual innovation in hardware and process technology absolutely vital for successful implementation industry-wide," explains Richard Boulanger, VP of Universal's Advanced Semiconductor Assembly Division. "Currently, Universal has around 15 machines with PoP capability in the field, primarily being utilised by high profile OEMs and EMS providers, and all the signs are that this number is set to grow rapidly. As consumer products in particular favour increased functionality and reduced dimensions, the manufacturing industry must accommodate the trend towards miniaturisation through technological advance. PoP is the obvious solution, saving space on the PCB, enabling thorough testing and boosting performance."

The new Universal fluxer presents manufacturers with a high-speed alternative to conventional systems with the ability to dip multiple spindles. Plus, the new Universal PoP technology significantly enhances manufacturing flexibility by accommodating both flux and solder paste. The combination of an improved containment system and hardened plate sides enables the new system to eliminate common process issues such as paste creep. Extensive product testing also demonstrated that with a larger flux reservoir, deeper plates and defined materials handling procedures, Universal's Linear Thin Film Applicator works effectively to overcome problems such as the formation of bubbles in the flux.

"Universal platforms are ideally set up for Package-on-Package applications, presenting customers with the speed and accuracy they need to manage advanced processes effectively," adds Boulanger. "Plus, our leading-edge PoP experience ensures that we are well positioned to offer manufacturers significant operational advantages in the form of unrivalled flexibility and process expertise. Our continued commitment to innovation in this area ensures that Universal customers remain at the forefront of industry advance."

Universal's AdVantis and Genesis platforms are currently being utilised by manufacturers looking to achieve unprecedented speed and accuracy in semiconductor packaging processes. Intrinsic flexibility enables users to extend traditional component placement functionality to facilitate advanced high accuracy packaging processes such as complex flip-chip, CSP and Package-on-Package. The platforms are compatible with Universal fluxers of which there are currently over 150 currently in use worldwide.

Universal is set to prove its expertise in PoP technology with a schedule of one-day seminars to be held at its Suzhou Technology Excellence Center in China. Also available on demand at Universal's Advanced SMT Laboratory in Binghamton, the seminars will enable attendees to assemble specifically created Universal test boards and chip scale packages while experimenting with the company's new fluxer and solder paste system.

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