Universal Grease offers wide application versatility.

Press Release Summary:

SWEPCO 121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease provides long life and wide application range. It is based upon Tri-Plex chemistry, combined with polymer modification for tight molecular structure. Tri-Plex chemistry significantly inreases service life, shear resistance, shock and impact resistance, extreme pressure capabilities, and water and high-temperature resistance.

Original Press Release:

Swepco Announces New 121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease

Based on Proprietary New Chemistry Which Delivers Wide Application Versatility, Longer Grease Life & Superior Grease Performance

Fort Worth, TX - Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has announced introduction of a new grease designed to satisfy two major concerns of the grease market - longer grease life and wider application versatility without giving up performance.

Called SWEPCO 121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease, this new generation grease provides the widest possible application range without the performance compromises of typical multi-service type greases.

"We're calling this 'The One Grease for Superior Lubrication' because it handles and extraordinarily wide range of commercial and industrial applications and still delivers outstanding performance characteristics in terms of service life, shock resistance, water washout resistance, high heat, extreme pressure, wear and pumpability, " says Paul J. Dickerson, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "Most multi-purpose or multi-service greases involve compromises in one or more of these areas. SWEPCO 121 does not. It delivers top notch performance in all these areas."

The grease is based upon a proprietary new grease chemistry the company calls "Tri-Plex". The company claims that this new chemistry, combined with polymer modification, yields a much tighter molecular structure. Service life, shear resistance, shock and impact resistance, extreme pressure capabilities, water and high temperature resistance are all significantly enhanced with this new grease chemistry.

"We expect SWEPCO's 121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease to become a leader in our grease line in a very short period of time," explains Dickerson. "The exceptional performance and application range of this product directly addresses two major desires expressed by our grease customers; they want longer grease life and they want to reduce the number of different greases they have to buy to simplify inventory and eliminate greasing mistakes."

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation, established in 1933, markets high performance lubricants to transportation, construction, mining, manufacturing, agri-business, institutional, service and municipal markets under the SWEPCO brand name in more than 80 countries around the world.

SWEPCO 121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease is available through a network of authorized Field Service Representatives and Distributors or by contacting Southwestern Petroleum at 1-800-359-LUBE (5823).

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