Universal Flow Monitor Vortex, Piston and Cool Point Meters

Universal® Vane and Piston Variable Area Meters

These simple, reliable and field proven mechanical flowmeters are ideal for applications working with lubrication oil, water, chemicals, brine, de-ionized water, paint and compressed air.  Features include local indication with optional switches and 4-20mA output.

• Easy to install

• Low maintenance over long service life

• 1/4  to 8 inch sizes

• All common materials (Brass, Aluminum, SS etc.)

NEW! Battery-Powered CoolPoint® Flow Meters

UFM now offers seven new battery-powered Vortex Shedding CoolPoint meters, ideal for use in water, chemical and corrosive applications, where power sources are limited. The meters operate on three AA alkaline or lithium batteries. Other features include:

• Maximum flow rates of 4-200 GPM

• Measures Rate or Total

• No moving parts to clog or wear

• 6-1/2 digit LCD display

• Measures in gallons, liters or cubic meters

• Available for line sizes 1/4" to 2"

CoolPoint® Flow Meters

UFM's inexpensive vortex shedding flow meters are designed for coolant or water flow used in automation. Some sizes have optional temperature transmitters available. These units monitor flow and temperature to resistance welders, induction heat treating, tire molds, seal water and more.

• Line sizes 4 inches and below

• 4-20 mA flow transmitter, pulse output

• Selectable set point alarms flow and temp

• Bright LED local indication of flow and temp

• No moving parts to jam

• Low cost

• Temperature option available for line size 1/4" to 2"

• Optional Profinet industrial ethernet for vortex shedding CoolPoint flow meters

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