Universal Evaporator Now Using PTC Technology to Remove Condensate

DBK's compact universal evaporator is an encapsulated housing with an integrated condensate collection and PTC technology. The universal evaporator can be used with any application where condensate poses a problem and must be removed. The evaporation capacity is rated at 245 ml/h | 80 – 180ml/h, and the operating power goes up to 200W. It requires a lower power consumption due to dry run mode (~50W). Possible applications are climate controlled electrical enclosures and cabinets, refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and outdoor applications.

Our universal evaporators are compact in size with an encapsulated design. They are easy to install using tube connectors and mounting brackets. The evaporators can be used with a wide range of voltages. You will find that they have a high evaporation rate with rapid vapor removal. The universal evaporators are reliable, maintenance free, and energy efficient. They require low power consumption in a dry-run operation.

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