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Universal Dataloggers for Multi-Sensor Connection

Save Money with a Single System Running Single Software


Need to monitor more than one parameter (such as temperature and pressure)? CAS DataLoggers offers several lines of dataloggers equipped with universal input channels to record data from Thermocouples, Current/Voltage, 4-20mA, Strain gauges, and many other sensor types. Contrasted with single-purpose loggers, universal dataloggers greatly simplify more complex monitoring projects, saving users both time and money. Get help choosing the right data logger for your application! Call now to speak with one of our Application Specialists at 1-800-956-4437.

Monitor Multiple Variables:

The flexibility of a Universal Data Logger provides you with several convenient advantages:

  • You can easily move the logger from project to project without having to reconfigure the hardware;

  • A single datalogger can simultaneously monitor multiple variables--for example, recording temperature using a thermocouple, logging voltage using a pressure sensor, and monitoring the pulse output using a flow meter;

  • No matter what signal you're logging, you always work with the same software without needing to purchase additional packages or modules.

We can supply your specific application with advanced solutions including industrial dataloggers, sophisticated data acquisition systems and paperless chart recorders.

dataTaker Data Loggers:

Datataker universal input data loggers such as the Series 3 DT80 can handle a wide range of input signal types: Temperature, Voltage, Current, 4-20mA Loops, Resistance, Bridges, Strain Gauges, Frequency, Digital, Serial and Calculated Measurements.

  • Channel Expansion Module accessible to increase number of analog inputs

  • Model variations with GSM cellular modems and vibrating wire sensor support

  • Advanced Alarming Mathematical Capabilities

  • Ethernet, USB, or RS-232 Communication with PC

  • SDI-12 and Modbus Sensor Support

  • Built-in Web Server, FTP, and an Enhanced Web Interface


The Novus FieldLogger is an analog and digital variables data logger. It can act as a Modbus RTU master and can read registers from other slaves. Capable of performing mathematical operations in the input channels, it is a highspeed reading and datalogging device with lots of available memory and many connectivity options.

  • 8 analog channels

  • Ethernet interface with: DHCP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP and Modbus TCP

  • 24 bit A/D Converter, up to 1000 samples a second

  • Accuracy: 0.2% of the span for thermocouples, 0.15% of the span for other input types

  • 8 digital channels individually configured as input or ouput

  • RS485 interface (Modbus master or slave)

Squirrel Data Loggers:

The popular Squirrel data loggers feature a built-in display and keypad allowing them to be used in applications where portability and stand-alone operation are required. WiFi models are also available.

  • Up to 32 universal analog inputs

  • Fast Logging rates of up to 100Hz

  • Internal Memory stores up to 14 million data readings

  • USB and RS232 communication ports

  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi models

Delphin DAQ Systems:

Delphin data acquisition systems such as the new Expert Logger solve a variety of measurement and control problems in industrial and laboratory applications. They feature different analog and digital input and output modules that can be used with a wide range of signal types including: voltage; 4-20 mA current; thermocouple; RTD; and resistance. Delphin also offers powerful alarm and programming capabilities allowing these devices to process measurements and initiate actions on their own.

Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorders:

Brainchild paperless chart recorders are ideal to replace old chart recorders, especially where onsite graphical data representation is necessary. Brainchild has the ability to record multiple channels simultaneously in one system with support for a wide range of temperature sensors, with the option to view data in several visual and graphing modes.

  • Input channels for thermocouple and RTD sensors

  • 6.4" Color LCD with 640x480 pixels resolution

  • Statistic capabilities and the ability to visually see historical or incoming data

  • User-friendly buttons to setup and interact with the Brainchild

  • Use RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 serial or Ethernet interfaces to access the machine remotely

For further details on our Universal Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at 800-956-4437 or visit our website at

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