Universal Cover fits any 6-7 in. valve box.

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Designed for irrigation and landscape industries, Ground Topper universal 6 in. valve box cover is placed on top of valve boxes for irrigation systems, septic systems, pools, and homeowner water valve cutoffs to cover opening in ground. One-size-fits-all design installs via twist-and-pull fitting, and flexibility of weather-resistant polypropylene construction facilitates lifting off well as placing product on valve box.

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Austin Company Creates 'Ground Topper' - Universal Valve Box Cover for Irrigation and Landscape Industries

The universal valve box cover fits any 6"-7" valve box, hassle free

AUSTIN, Texas, July 24 -- A little company in Austin, Texas called Grass Act has created a little product that offers a big -- and universal -- solution for the irrigation and landscape industries. The "Ground Topper" is a universal 6" valve box cover that is placed on top of valve boxes for irrigation systems, septic systems, pools, and homeowner water valve cutoffs to cover the opening in the ground. It is simple, durable, and inexpensive.

The "Ground Topper" is the answer to an ongoing problem for suppliers, contractors, plumbers, and professional and home landscapers who are too often unable to find a valve box lid to replace the one that got eaten up by the lawnmower or the dog, deteriorated over time due to weather conditions (from sunny, hot summers to icy cold winters), or stolen by someone who couldn't find one for their own yard anywhere else. It's that little plastic green circle in your yard.

"Many irrigation systems can last up to 20 years or more, but valve box covers often need replacing every few years," said Grass Act President Gary Salas. "Since they are so hard to find -- there are a wide variety of types and sizes -- many people just don't replace the lid, which can result in a ground cave-in, a dirt-covered valve, and a hazard to family or guests playing or walking in the yard."


The beauty of the "Ground Topper" is that it is universal, simple and durable.

o Universal -- As any landscape professional, plumber, supplier, or yard or pool contractor knows, it's very difficult to locate the right valve box lid to fit the right box. The one-size-fits-all "Ground Topper" is the one valve box cover that is made to fit any and all of the many brands of 6" boxes, new or old.
o Simple -- Just twist and pull. This product fits any 6"-7" valve box on the market or in the ground -- saving the time, cost, and hassle of searching for the right valve box top or replacing the whole valve box.
o Durable and flexible -- It's made from polypropylene, which is extremely durable and weather-resistant. It is also very flexible for ease of lifting the device off or placing the device on the valve box.

The "Ground Topper" can be ordered by calling 512-918-9181 or online at www.groundtopper.com.

About Gary Salas and Grass Act: Gary Salas and his company, Grass Act, have specialized in landscape and irrigation systems design and installation in the Austin area since 1994. Salas has successfully expanded the company over the past 13 years, growing and adapting with the products and service requirements of the landscaping and irrigation industries both locally and nationally. The company prides itself on quality work as well as the preservation of natural resources.

CONTACT: Meredith Spurgeon, +1-512-472-3515, meredith@vollmerpr.com, for Grass Act; or Gary Salas of Grass Act, +1-512-918-9181, garysalas@grassact.com

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