Universal CNC Grinders feature wheelhead NC swivel function.

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Offering speeds from 15–600 rpm, which can be changed steplessly on AC servo motor, Model GSU-30B features ∅300 mm swing over table, and 500, 750, 1,000, or 1,500 mm distance between centers, while Model GSU-40B features ∅410 mm swing over table, and 470, 720, 970, or 1,470 mm distance between centers. Wheelhead NC swivel function enables operator to select from 9 different wheelhead installation patterns. For additional flexibility, 2 grinding wheels can be mounted on 2 wheel spindles.

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Shigiya Unveils Highly Accurate and Versatile GSU Series CNC Universal Grinder

Schaumburg, IL – SHIGIYA (USA) LTD., the world-class manufacturer of cylindrical grinders, now offers its versatile and precise GSU Series of Universal Grinders.

For versatility, the GSU features a wheelhead NC swivel function, which enables the operator to select from 9 different wheelhead installation patterns. Using the correct wheelhead installation pattern and specifications allow a variety of multi-grinding tasks to be performed and reduce the number of processes. For additional flexibility, two grinding wheels can be mounted onto two wheel spindles of the GSU, contrasted with conventional machines where two grinding wheels are mounted onto one spindle. The wheelhead is swiveled at high speeds by a direct drive system, and provides high positioning accuracy without backlash.


Grinder speeds can be changed steplessly on the AC servo motor within a range of 15 to 600 rpm. A user-friendly and flexible interactive automatic programming system automatically determines the optimal rotational speed for each workpiece. 


The GSU is designed with non-concentric hydrodynamic bearings that use hydrodynamics to secure the optimal wedge angle, and provide high precision rotation of the wheel. The bearings are ground with Shigiya’s exclusively developed grinder to ensure high rigidity and precise rotation. The GSU’s tailstock is mounted with a large diameter spindle to further ensure high precision heavy grinding. Heat expansion of the workpiece during grinding is offset by a helical compression spring.


To avoid thermal displacement in the machine caused by a rise in the lubrication oil’s temperature, wheel spindle lubrication oil is stored in an isolated tank.


Shigiya offers an optional closed type hydrostatic slide wheelhead feed and a work spindle rotation direct drive to enable an operator to actually perform eccentric O.D. and non-concentric O.D. grinding (polygonal grinding) using the C-X axis control.


Two models of the GSU Series are available. The GSU-30B features a ø 300 mm swing over table, and 500 mm, 750 mm, 1,000 mm or 1,500 mm distance between centers. The GSU-40B features a ø 410 mm swing over table, and 470 mm, 720 mm, 970 mm or 1,470 mm distance between centers. A model with distance between centers of up to 2 meters is available to allow for the grinding of long parts such as aircraft landing gear. Wheel sizes for both GSU models are ø 510 (O.D.) x 50 (W) x 127 (I.D.) mm.

For more information, Visit IMTS Booth #N-7353, or contact SHIGIYA (USA) LTD., 651 E. State Pkwy, Schaumburg, IL 60173, Phone: (847) 325-4800, Fax: (847) 325-4218, e-mail: contact@shigiya.com, or visit www.shigiya.com.

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