Universal Adapter Kit expands Unidapt® system.

Press Release Summary:

Model RFA-4019 expansion kit contains 27 adapters including MCX, MMCX, SMB, 7-16 DIN, reverse polarity SMA, and reverse polarity TNC adapters. All are silver-plated, machined brass with gold-plated contacts and Teflon® insulation. Foam-lined case features enough slots and cavities to accommodate full line of Unidapt® products. Mega Kit Model RFA-4022 contains all 74 pieces.

Original Press Release:

RFA-4019 Prod Rel Universal Adapter System Now Available in Expansion Kit Format

One of the most versatile adapter tools for the coaxial technician can be a universal adapter kit. Bench and field technicians have relied upon the classic Unidapt® RFA-4024 and RFA-4023-01 kits for years to enable on-the-fly creation of adapters using standard coaxial interfaces. With the evolution of wireless broadband, IEEE 802.1 la,b,g Wi-Fi, WLAN and new telecomm solutions, the need for new coaxial interfaces has spurred the development of new MCX, MMCX, SMB, 7-16 DIN, Reverse Polarity SMA and Reverse Polarity TNC Unidapt® Adapters. They join the BNC, TNC, N, SMA, UHF, Mini-UHF adapters already in the Unidapt® product line. All adapters are made of silver plated machined brass with gold plated contacts and Teflon insulation. The RFA-4019 is designed as an expansion kit for those already owning a Unidapt® system. It contains 27 pieces of the new adapters listed above in a large, foam-lined case with enough slots and cavities to accommodate the full line of Unidapt® products. The RFA-4022, Mega Kit, contains the full line of 74 pieces. All Unidapt® adapters are available separately.

Available from RF Connectors Distributors throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. For additional information call 800-233-1728 or 858-549-6340, you can also e-mail: rfi@rfindustries.com. Visit our website at www.rfindustries.com.

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