Unique RFID Tag Application from RCD Technology Extends Utility of Unattended Facilities

RCD-produced tags provide new levels of flexibility and security for businesses using unattended Point-of-Payment terminals

QUAKERTOWN, Pa., April 26 /- RCD Technology, a vertically integrated designer and producer of HF and UHF tags for RFID applications, and Innovative Control Systems, Inc. (ICS), a leading provider of outdoor point- of-payment (POP) terminals that recently redefined the automotive car care industry through automation, today introduced new application-optimized RFID tags that will enable ICS to integrate RFID technology into its POP terminals. The tags provide new levels of speed, flexibility and security for businesses that deploy unattended POP terminals - including car washes, parking garages, quick-service restaurants, and gated communities.

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The enhancement of its POP terminals with optional RFID technology improves the overall consumer experience by enabling the customization of service offerings to suit individual preferences. Businesses that deploy the RFID tags benefit from the improved customer experience as well as the security provided by the vehicle-specific nature of the tags. The RFID tags are placed on the vehicle and destroyed if removed; guaranteeing that only the proper vehicle receives the services and benefits of the program.

RCD's patented RFID tag fabrication process enables the production of an almost endless array of application-optimized tags for new and emerging RFID applications. In this case, ICS required a tag that enabled an adequate read distance, yet was unobtrusive and secure. The resulting UHF label produced by RCD meets all these requirements and also includes a customized ICS logo and a human-readable ID number.

With RFID technology, businesses can speed up their sales process, create custom promotions through user-defined business rules, and setup automatic billing programs (i.e., per visit, once a month). This technology also allows businesses to identify vehicles at an unattended POP terminal and customize specific service offerings for individual or groups of customers. ICS has successfully integrated the RFID technology into its Auto Sentry POP terminals.

"When ICS made the decision to integrate optional RFID into its current offerings, a primary requirement was that the tags be vehicle-specific, so that they cannot be removed from one car and placed onto another," said Mike Ruiz, RFID project manager, ICS. "Previously, vehicle specific services could only be enforced by an onsite employee and relied on the license plate for ID. This did not fit our business model of automating and reducing labor at the sites. With RFID, the tag is discreetly placed on the vehicle, and read automatically."

By identifying the vehicle, Innovative have created a multitude of features for our application. As Innovative Controls began their development, they realized that they would need a tag with some unique features and capabilities, such as tag size and self-destruction if the tag is removed.

Ruiz continued, "RCD was the only tag provider that could meet our design requirements and had the technical capability and manufacturing process required to deliver a high quality specialty tag at a price point that would enable us to launch the system. RCD was also able to offer guidance on the selection of HF versus UHF technology for our application and then assist with selection of a hardware supplier."

"Point-of-Payment systems are an ideal beneficiary of the power of RFID, "said Pete Kuzma, VP of Business Development, RCD Technology. "As with many cases, however, the tag requirements for this specific application mandated a tag design specific to the application - one for which RCD's design and fabrication capabilities were ideally suited."

About Innovative Control Systems, Inc.

Innovative Control Systems, Inc. is based in Wind Gap Pennsylvania and is an aggressive developer of outdoor point of sale terminals, business management solutions and real-time equipment control devices. ICS primarily develops systems for the automotive car care industry and has redefined how the industry operates. They are committed to creating better business solutions that reduce cost and increase volume. ICS' success is a direct result of the success of its customers.

About RCD Technology Corporation

Headquartered in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, RCD Technology is helping revolutionize the growing RFID industry. Employing a patented copper antenna fabrication and assembly process that significantly improves tag performance, quality and suitability while reducing the time to market and waste associated with RFID custom tag manufacturing, RCD produces a wide array of HF and UHF tags, and application-specific RFID tag development.

Today, RCD products are finding success in a wide variety of industries and applications including: item level tracking and authentication for asset management, various medical device applications; unattended payment solutions, and application specific tags for closed loop systems.


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Peter Kuzma,
Vice President of Business Development,
RCD Technology,

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